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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
A Omaha-born Wynonie soyr Blues' Harris(1915-1969) has been influenced for blues shouters likes Jimmy that it Rushes and Joe Turner Big.
This excellent compilation of 30 draws of clues in his KING & ATCO registers among 1949 & 1956.
Harris Powerful blues flange in these raucous and risks the songs are accompanied for the variety of utmost musicians with some enormous saxophone touching.
With on 76 minutes of joyful and entertaining music, 'Rock, Gentleman Blues' is an ideal introduction to Wynonie Harris.
4 / 5
All need to know in a wonderful Gentleman Blues in a container. Probably so only know the Blues and R&B fans Wynonie Harris is sadly does not have some hides deserve these days. But oh that the voice and leering delivery. Essential listening in any self respecting defender of music
5 / 5
My father there has been the 78' of this singer of glorious Jazz. It was in a moon with this album for his 81st anniversary.

Top Customer Reviews: Rockin' the Blues ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Vey Good value 4 cd conjoint, I especially amour cd 4
a bit those that songs that would have liked me failure but really partorisca a prize I
can not complain, there is remarked that one of a cds for is selling partorisca a prize still like this near
car-the tear has not been comprised neither but was still simple to add to I-pod like any really a @@subject
5 / 5
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Well , there is doubtles a lot other compilations of these utmost
blues shouter but in my opinion is this a certainly in one joins main.
Very satisfied with Wynonie and ,of course, 5 stars!
Gives the graces for fast delivery also!
I certainly gone back!
René Nys -Hove (Antwerp)
4 / 5
A blues shouter supreme, Wynonie Harris was a lot up there with Joe Jimmy and Turner Big that Hastes. This immense 4cd conjoint of the boxes contains all his registers of his prime minister in 1944, with some Lucky Millinder band,to a half of his prolific period and achieved with a focuses of King in 1950. Sadly underrated Today, Wynonie for 1950 was one of a big more RnB stars. A big personality with the voice partorisca match Wynonie was a irrestable witnesses. As well as his prompt register partorisca Aladdin and Apollo was, some the big swipes there is not coming box with which move to King in 1947. 'A lot of Rockin' Tonight', 'Judge of Hail', ' Want to Fanny Brown' and much more beside era the full utmost records of humour and sass. Unfortunately some of some sessions of Rey later has been ignored because of considerations of public domain. For more roughly Wynonie read a biography 'Gentleman of Mecer Blues' for Tony Collins but in a moment start and take this essential value and add emission.
4 / 5
Ossia Probably one of some better and more comprehensible introductions the Wynonie Harris will take you. 71 clues in the 6 year comprise to start with in 1944, so only try and dances of stop, crying and chuckling the concealed is a variety takes here. More an excellent compact 50 booklet of page to read also.