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Top Customer Reviews: Diswoe Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
5 / 5
I can not say a difference among east and Microsoft original Xbox controller . It hastens of smooth key without lag or the sticky tones to good sure would recommend in the Microsoft a
5 / 5
My Xbox360 feels that this wireless controller is a lot controlling. My Xbox goes on down half of with each order has sent his. A controller was an addition to a familiar and is identical to his brother. You cant't has said a difference at all. An is not slower of another neither is that lacking of in any of way. I have wanted to maintain my xbox on-line and has required at least a controller of plus for him to do a way required it to. I have not been disappointed!
5 / 5
Desperately I have required the new controller that would not stick or randomly die, and this has done perfectly. It is state fallen of 6 foot loft read, used partorisca hours, and has left on, and to to the still works like has taken so only of him out of a container. If I require another new controller, to good sure are that it takes this again.
5 / 5
The controller was expected like this of a description. We have had this controller partorisca the months and some boys still is using. I prefer wireless controllers the wire fences so only because some wire fences a bit tend partorisca break and if some bosses whose law a controller is not usable. It prefer to pay the little extra partorisca a wireless.
5 / 5
Required the second controller like my mate can touch against me on some games, also can take to do they so that has a Xbox there also, looks so only like an original an and do like this well, can does not create was so only 20, his ergonomic and some keys feel well, some do any well and everything is like this has to that be, using with battery now but will buy a little band partorisca be able to, has not known but this also can be used in the PC also, the controller Adds, a lot happy with a price.
5 / 5
This wireless Xbox 360 controller is brilliant. A connectivity is very easy and also very of confidence. Everything of some keys and the triggers celery solidly has built. This controller is economic and really very like this I definatly the recommend!
1 / 5
A joystick is rigid and calm also the only works in 8 directions in the place of infinites likes is in an official microsoft some, ossia basically useless partorisca games
3 / 5
Very easy to use and connect, comfortable to resist... The life of battery is quite terrible, has had to buy some directs of then.
5 / 5
Shining compraventa and is compatible with all my devices that is PC, Xbox one and in my mobile. I add partorisca buy and surpass adds
5 / 5
These produced partorisca take the 10 /10 partorisca 2 reasons

1... Among dates of the mandate and the date of delivery was in 2 days. Ordered in 10th, rid in 12th. Service that has surprised

2... A controller he. Still I can not comprise why people of paid until 50 for an original controller when this does exactly one same. Some keys are solid, the response of all some keys is like this quickly like originals. Some keys of the trigger does not feel economic likes there is in of some forward some have bought. This wireless feedback is something on without drop outs or loss of connection that is like this never. A quality of the global build in a plastic is very done and does not feel economic or space. Ossia One of one a lot a lot scarce 3rd control of party cushions concealed does not disappoint and extracted like this as well as original of official controller. And also it dares in importing that a vendor is United Kingdom has based and has refuses times a lot quickly also.

Personally yes go to buy the 3rd controller of the party then takes this one of this same vendor because of

A) this vendor is United Kingdom has based
B) offices quickly
C) the tampon of control is very built

will recommend this controller to all my friends
4 / 5
Really love this controller and to the work so only likes them a bit controllers of officials of Microsoft. A subject light has is in one Forces games a car tends to walk of car in time but to research this far plus this there is at all to do with a controller but you require ro regulate some settings in some real games.

Really impressed with a controller and am thinking to buy another like the transmission.
5 / 5
Can not say a difference among east and Microsoft original Xbox controller . It hastens of smooth key without lag or the sticky tones to good sure would recommend in the Microsoft a
4 / 5
This product takes the 10 /10 for 2 reasons

1... Among dates of the mandate and the date of delivery was in 2 days. Ordered in 10th, rid in 12th. Service that has surprised

2... A controller he. Still I can not comprise because people of paid until £50 for an original controller when this does exactly one same. Some keys are solid, the response of all some keys is like this quickly like originals. Some keys of the trigger does not feel economic likes there is in of some forward some have bought. This wireless feedback is something on without drop outs or loss of connection that is like this never. A quality of the global build in a plastic is very done and does not feel economic or space. Ossia One of one very very scarce 3rd control of party cushions concealed does not disappoint and extracted like this as well as original of official controller. And also it dares in importing that a vendor is United Kingdom has based and has refuses times a lot quickly also.

Personally yes go to buy the 3rd controller of the party then takes this one of this same vendor because of

A) this vendor is United Kingdom has based
B) offices quickly
C) the tampon of control is very built

will recommend this controller to all my friends
4 / 5
Thank you for my order - I follows really pleased with him! A Xbox 360 controller is new mark , efficiently and attentively packaged, there is rid safely, clue, reasonably priced and has arrived of the days before a date has expected, literally two days with which ordered it. They are extremely happy with this compraventa, commanded, product and vendor. 10/10 it would recommend it to it!
5 / 5
Has required the second controller like my mate can touch against me on some games, also can take to do they so that has a Xbox there also, looks so only like an original an and do like this well, can does not create was so only £20, his ergonomic and some keys feel well, some do any well and everything is like this has to that be, using with battery now but will buy a little band to be able to, has not known but this also can be used in the PC also, the controller Adds, very happy with a prize.
5 / 5
For some reason has had so only 3 controllers for a Xbox 360 and require another ina haste for the gaming prejudices with friends. This was in the wise prize, and could take it a next day. Taken the, has tried he in the so much place up and has done the charm. Any subject, could not feel a difference among him and one has used already controllers (excepts fewer triggers of loose/keys, but ossia the good thing ), Done like the charm and there is enjoyed our gaming prejudices.
4 / 5
The brilliant cost and is compatible with all my devices that is PC, Xbox one and in my mobile. I add to buy and surpass adds
4 / 5
A joystick is rigid and calm also the only works in 8 directions in the place of infinites likes is in an official microsoft some, ossia basically useless for games
5 / 5
the works cost, as any one says in another description his no pertinent equivalent, like this calm really can remark the difference that comes from/comes from an official 360 controller, some directions are a lot on or was, a lot noticable in joins of rocket where the fine control is of entity for aerials, but still in an earth can feel he in a steering, as I have said that read with some officials reciever, but the smallest annoyance is a light maintains to blink still after his sync'd, which can see you out of a corner of your eye when touching, ossia usually the sign of the batteries that the career was like his in entertained.
4 / 5
Both of mine old Xbox 360 controllers have prendido partorisca do. I then decided partorisca look around on-line and expósito Diswoe. I have not been disappointed when it arrives. Some controllers does perfectly with console of mine and any one have had any subjects with him. It feels it likes some responses esatte of an original model and works like the charm.

Any one looking around partorisca the model the economic plus. To good sure recommend DISWOE!!! 😇👍

Thank you So many!!!!!
4 / 5
The controller has not done, this in spite of when I have contacted a vendor, gave to us the full repayment immediately without turn of an element. For this some 2 stars. I find it difficult this in spite of partorisca recommend a vendor
5 / 5
In spite of being announced like the Bluetooth far, could not take any device in my house partorisca the relieve. It was not it was broken, or the no-bluetooth wireless, but any way, of any one uses.
4 / 5
A remotes the yes calm laws so only connect one to a Xbox but does not connect 2 of them a same time. One of this plus one of the ours old some will connect a same time but any 2 new some have bought
5 / 5
A product adds, has the 'grips' good comprised in a tampon.

Really quickly (free) reserve which does not require Prime of Amazon. When My second controller dies - I will be of tower for another of these.

Has received also the 'Lucky Paper' w=that has alleged the free present And also £20 of my next order!

Service really decent

4 / 5
The element looked excellent and sturdy, but would not link to Xbox. Returned immediately. Unfortunately that has not had an option to contact vendor to rectify. It can so only element of turn.
5 / 5
Quality of solid build, indistinguishable of an official product. An a lot of his weight. Comfortable and responsive controls. Accesses with battery and to a cradle of mine Venom touching canal also, as it win it all the round. Highly recommended, especially in this prize.
5 / 5
Has tried to dip the on, has struggled them in 72,but my grandson of 7 years there has been punctual to arrive and that careers.
4 / 5
Like this well like X controllers of boxes and does a same thing esatta but in the better prize
5 / 5
Ordered this product after revising the number of controllers partorisca xbox 360 on Amazon. The order accused and rid like this for has specified date in time of mandate. A controller is announced like this, robust easy to dip up and use. Excellent value partorisca money. Couldnt Be happier, look forward to plots more hours of fun.
4 / 5
This was a second xbox 360 controller. This one has to that to a question so only likes him another. Joystick doesnt Does to an inferior sinister direction. All more work well. Sending this one has retreated to and ordering an original xbox controller
4 / 5
Same like original, controller a lot well, comfortable, easy to connect. It enjoys and it has amused!
4 / 5
Has not done. Flashed Once when tried partorisca turn on. Clearly faulty. Returning.
4 / 5
Feels so only like a real thing and the averages a prize. Perfecto so that it has required.
4 / 5
Produced excellent. It can not find any difference of an original Xbox controller.
Would consider partorisca buy more controllers of them in next future.
5 / 5
Connects and feels like this genuine, but some triggers and joysticks does not have to the gradual sensibility likes the controller is to a large extent useless partorisca any games that involves partorisca aim, steering, quite anything involving movements require. Bite Of the with asking me
4 / 5
Ossia the controller very a lot some keys and the claves have the smooth movement and a feedback of vibration is utmost chairs amiably in your hands and feels to add the tin to good sure recomend this product
5 / 5
Exactly to to a same functionality likes them Microsoft Xbox 360 controllers but much more economic.

The quality of build is orders also. Highly recommended !!!
4 / 5
A controller is virtually indistinguishable of an official Xbox controller, visually as well as in the terms of him is chair, weight and responsiveness, and is for the half a prize like official a! It was easy to dip up and has done the charm. You recommend.
4 / 5
Terrible piece partorisca crap. Rough flanges throughout, massively deadzone in some estacas equivalent rights like partorisca calm to be able to feign any level of accuracy. Behind paddles not doing sometimes. I will be partorisca return this waste of components ASAP.
5 / 5
Controller Well, resembled a xbox 360 original controller. Works and looks descibed.
4 / 5
Client very happy. My edges misplaced his cushions of control have required like this partorisca substitute it ossia the controller adds and works perfectly like this far. Thank you
5 / 5
Comparison among the genuine xbox 360 controller and this one. They are identical to save for a xbox logo in a key to be able to. Not to surprise me are done in a same factory of some same materials. Highly recommend.
4 / 5
Produced of big quality.

Has had a subject with one and a service of client has been useful.
5 / 5
Any bluetooth compatible as announced, requires the seperate adapter partorisca do with PC.
4 / 5
Has loved the second controller, and this does perfectly. It arrives any time, quality very good. Lame more than have expected!
I recomend that!
4 / 5
Is decent value for money, that will not deny . This in spite of, some triggers do not have any control like calm can not say the one who calm far his down has pressed the aces and the engines of vibration can neither being there and his new mark, any one has used.
4 / 5
Very happy with a Xbox 360 controller, leaving multiplayer action with my family during a lock-down! Controller Of good quality, any difference to a Xbox original. The fast delivery has very appreciated.
4 / 5
Has purchased this element has the present navideño for the grandson has aged 6 arrives promptly in a date given and is very pleased with him and fond the very easy to dip up and use.
4 / 5
Very happy with this controller and has been rid to good sure buy again highly recommends to buy of this company to the equal that concern in his clients.
4 / 5
Adds little controler can not see a difference among an original LADY controler and this one.
Averts to PRICE which is 50 less.

Adds Spent
4 / 5
This product was fabulous! I have been surprised with that perfectly he exactly like a one this comes with a real xbox

Top Customer Reviews: Scarface: The World ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
5 / 5
My father loves this game. Something roughly when being the powerful man with the tiger in his guns of drugs of the call. Game very a lot of
5 / 5
has bought my edges a roughly done film 2 month as it has taken really to gangster the films and the games and he have loved that. It decides to look on this game and has discovered that a xbox original in fact works in a xbox 360, has been wanted. I asked to look on the prize for a game and a better prize and the condition have come from/Amazon come from. It says that a game was in the condition adds and loves it, if it is happy, is happy.
4 / 5
Following some chances of a film, to the touch likes him Tony Montanner the one who begins in a very inferior with which loseing all and has to that reconstruct his empire by means of missions, elimitating drug and local bands dealings. The only thing is like a film there is swearing very excessive and violence that any to the to everything can like him.
5 / 5
More impressed, with a quality and extremely fast delivery.
4 / 5
Although a game has not done well., they are more than happy with a service of client, has not been his failure a game was faulty and gave the full repayment. You recommend 100.
5 / 5
Bad packaged the disk was free boxes sleve wasnot at stake of the chance has not done wase of money
5 / 5
Partorisca the ages has wanted to touch this game and I have opted for a Xbox version rathe that a PS2 (I has both) as by means of experiencing the east is a type of game a Xbox amours - better fresh king and very imposed crisper,graphic cleaner.

A history spends on the 'That could it to signal spent in an end of Scarface a film. ( I have listened some reviewers hate/down estimating he because of this a lot of reason. Reason? Sound the game! The one who has said that they would have to that follow the script?

You (Tony Montana) start with at all and has to that do your way up by means of a low world-wide to kill your No1 enemy - Soso.

In the to to those play a lot like GTA, but then of GTA3 of game out of the each one 3rd WALK of the person around the game takes compared to this and with his mark of big bank on all the appearances of east his game any really the just comparison.)

A map is cleaned and crisp like this mentioned and a sound and interaction among NPC is and is very good. Some talents of the voices also am very good.- Calm punctual will be to swear together with Tony M.

A missons to to the game a lot likes GTA, of precise goes has has fulfilled providers or of the new fronts and do your cocaine by means of a system that takes rep points and money for your questions. There is the good quantity of earth to cover also like his no the zone of game of small game.

Row up by means of rep points- This leave to go for missions more harder and supplies of the main cocaine, but also give control of your exotic paper. This calm paper leave to buy the good shiny things informative for your lived and upgrades your soliders.

A 'Pimp yours lived' the control is the real downside in this game like calm things shopping can situate him where master in yours has lived. Some controls is is extremely bad and his apresamiento the very little tries on situating an element dondequiera and any to meso-way by means of the wall.

Although a system of control and aiming at stake of the real game is excellent - Far better that GTA. A fast easy aiming the calm system leave to quickly paste some people want to and with the action of coverage his calms you prendes taking too harm.

Overal theres The good quantity to do and game in this game, some missions that takes to a cup is the tiny bity samey and a pimp my purple is awlful, Averts of this ossia the good game that GTA to the partidários will like him.

If yours the defender of a film - RENT in the first place like calm to a lot does not like him a global history.

A good quantity of estimativa of time of the game 10-20 in roughly 8hrs means yours looking roughly in the 40ish hr game.
4 / 5
If this game has been released before gta, would have the question with him when being underrated like script, touches it the game and the missions spend the credibility to the film can identify with that is pulled of astoundingly. The tongue averts ossia a more involving game the esees has touched eats;

a) Tony alive ups and downs
b) finds to excite the decisions begins to touch
c)the defenders of Films can sentimentally be endowed with his advantages
d)the persecutions are better that in any one another
and)the Diverse missions add spent to game-game.

A critique so only is, there comes the point where will be to do a bit few same missions repetitively to build your empire. But felizmente some leaves of game is missions lateralmente to help delete this factor.

The map is upper-the notch and is one of a better gta games to write there to date. I take my hat was to some developers to do the game can agree Scarface stops.

No the game for your little some unless I am little James Cagney is.
4 / 5
Has bought this game as they are quite the big defender of scarface and has to them that say are not disappointed. Some progresses of game in the good step and is extremely playable. A voice-on is excellent in spite of the the Pacino very able to do an emphasis of Montana of Tony. My only complaint in a game is that Elvie, his woman, no an appearance.

Perhaps would not owe that say this but in time, some cheats are useful entrances been due to a quantity to shoot there is. A last scene is particularly hard as you take on the army of Soso.

Mina so only another remorse is that it sell it a game.
4 / 5
The one who the game adds. A true classical and the fantastic gangster game. It begins it was where or has the occasion to take that spends in a film. Then it calms it does not have any money, any one can or... Anything! But steps a game that roams some streets of a gory miami, battleing yours way to an upper again. A map is amzing and an election adds of weaponery and the vehicles will send shivers on your plug! Steps the majority of a game that tries to take for behind a four main turfs of miami and to do that short extracted trafficante of drug, buy fronts to press more than your product to a street and take on some other gentlemen of drug, bands and bosses of crime. But this game is like this more than just roaming around some streets and killing gangsters. With a cash does to drug dealings can pimp yours has lived, buy tonnes of cars and bounced and buy investmants. Calm included can assume henchmen to help you was with the mission or the he for you!

This game has all love in the gangster game and buying is one of some better elections will do when it comes to video games.

4 / 5
Cant Touches a game sent wrong game has required them scarface a world is your in xbox 360 join him to him legislation one pleases left to know me
5 / 5
scarfcae is my favourite film of all the times like this when it has taken them these expectations of game were big. im Happy of the say totally bolt until a brilliance of a film and im happy that they the new history for him, more than rehashing some missions of films. A map is upper notch for an old xbox the game and some voices are perfect! I couldnt believes It when it has them @to @give that he wasnt pacino doing tonys voice to the equal that touches so much like. A gameplay is resembled a brilliant gta games but thinks them scarface is included better that rockstars masterpieces. It thinks this game slipped under a radar bit it coz was emission late on in xbox the life & has been redone in a 360/ps3 then im sure is the massive swipe . There is calm so much can do and can interact with each character in a game. Some conversations have with them are hilarious but this game definately desreves his 18 indication a lot so only for a tongue coloreada but also some violent missions. It uses some deceive 'ammo' and soyedik' almost all a time simply coz touch the hard game to complete. A cops especially is hard to escape of. Some scenes of yard are utmost and a history is writing brilliantly and for real worthy to be associated with a better film of all the times! It buys it!!!!
4 / 5
SCARFACE The WORLD Is Yours is a lot entertaining. Adictiva gameplay, the map adds, load of vehicles to drive it & really has a flavour of a film. Excellent !!!
4 / 5
Something on, amour a film?
Then will love this game, so only the shame can not be remastered for console of next gene
5 / 5
Brang Cariche Rear of the memories that touch this game I still adds no like this entertainment as it was this in spite of lol ;)
4 / 5



Top Customer Reviews: Harry Potter and ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
4 / 5
has Loved this game when it was boy , how has been excited when has of then was for behind compatible with 360. This in spite of, runs ridiculously slow. It is basically unplayable. They are sure he would be well in XBOX but does not have a anymore.
5 / 5
Does not add that a booklet is scruffy but more than disappoint some looks of disk is state cleaned with the tampon to record - I laws of hope or was to 1 star and turn. The ones of classed this as 'acceptable' any 'a lot of'
4 / 5
has bought this game because it already has for a cube of game. It liked before but it has loved the nostalgia trips like this has bought them of him
knowing he in mine xbox 360, although it is laggy, really slow, some levels do not upload and a map is terrible.
Thinks that will take me my version of cube of the game.
5 / 5
The game does not touch properly,games in slow motion. I suppose that takings to the equal that pays stops !!
5 / 5
Amado this game when it was boy , how has been excited when has of then was for behind compatible with 360. This in spite of, runs ridiculously slow. It is basically unplayable. They are sure he would be well in XBOX but does not have a anymore.
4 / 5
Súper The element of fast delivery is in good condition jumps from time to time but ossia reason are by train partorisca the use in another console.
4 / 5
Ossia Bad. A map is almost one same like PS2 version but a gameplay is bad.
A Map is glitchy, can see by means of wall in a lot of locations & a targetting is the way was. All this mark this the bad Game.

Then theres a content (or would have to that say lack of content)
A PS2 has massive quantities of sub fulfilled/of games like the broom that Gnome & of Careers Tossing to appoint so only 2 but a Xbox does not have (I calm know you can toss Gnomes in a fly & of burrow by means of hoops on Hogwarts in a Xbox but a PS2 has races & of games in hogwarts cups of ceiling against another students).
Can not explore some earths ouside a castle ( can in a PS2 & there is alsorts of bit & of tasks to find)
saving your game has to that be fact to locate saves it podium which can be hard or in some locations so only there is not one. (PS2 The start of just press & selects to Save any time)
In general this version is for the half a measure of a PS2 version & less than 1 tenth an entertainment.
Likes -you Harry Potter & has the PS2 then but a PS2 version. (Or you could take a GameCube Version that although no like this well likes PS2 the version is far better that a Xbox version)
A Prime minister, Thirds & Fourth Games are virtualy some same in Xbox & PS2 this in spite of this Second Game has been screwed up in a Xbox.
4 / 5
The game done when have in the first place burst he in still the verify fact like this dipped the to a side to finalise that it touches another game, but when I have been to touch this game, freezing roughly 10 mins the gameplay. Which is the shame because I have bought the bone of a philosopher of zoverstocks and law well.
5 / 5
Other descriptions in this page are something on and can so only concur: a game is visually impressive and will appeal to defenders of Potter of Harry (desquels does not count me ) BUT some falls of game absolutely in several crucial accounts.
An underlying storyline of a game simply does not hang near: in any point really takes one feels that that has done: swipe the character, looking for the spellbook, done to some definite end. A game was so only the series of a lot of disjointed fulfilled, which is surprising of a game has been based in the book (albeit the a lot of superficial and in hyped book in my opinion).
Some fulfilled was repetitive, no really like this logically defying so much Tomb Raider and finally so only the procession to frustrate.
Finally and more angering was some corners of cameras and method of control. Some controls are 'intuitive' - in that does not have any jump, the trace or other controls have attributed specifically to keys. Instead these actions are spent is gone in your behalf automatically dictated for a half. So that when takings near of, said, the blockade of bone, Harry will locate his. Or, sprint in a flange of the ledge and Harry will jump was and grab a prójimo ledge. There are two questions with east:
1. A Xbox is doing the majority of a work partorisca is RUBBISHES IN HIM! Salts the empty and lose a ledge is trying so only fall off remote material too easily with a less provocation of the your tampon of control.
2. Some corners of transmission of camera 'intuitively' to the equal that moves around a half and, assumes, is suppositions to enhance a game. In fact they change in one the majority of inappropriate and crucial time, and a transmission of corner to this one the majority of unhelpful the possible view, hiding in any last second precise things see to have the successes/survive.
To comprise as angering this defect is, imagines to touch Tomb Raider with a gamepad, whilst the partner beside calm has it gamepad with that that can change a corner of camera of a game in wins. It imagines that in some the majority of critical parts of a game, so that Lara is for to mark the 'partner' crucial then maliciously changes a corner of camera likes podes no longer included see a ledge is aiming is THAT BAD.
5 / 5
I messaged vendor/of amazon in this game but has taken any response at all!A game is like this laggy in a 360, and then tried it to them on mine xbox and he still lags! I have purchased these ages excepts still at all!
5 / 5
Has touched this game to plot has tried a ps2 version before it was in different plot with a framerate and the map is one of some games of POTTER of HARRY better. You do not touch in a 360 properly framerate delays down in a start.
5 / 5
When being the game based in a better selling book and a film of a same name, he so only the shame that a map is not upto a pair of Buffy a Vampire Slayer. Some faces are not quite upto scratch.
Regarding his, some voices well, leaves so only say, again compared to Buffy is a lot poor in fact.
A gameplay is well, this in spite of. A game is full of puzzle to solve and has some usual sneaking around. The boys will love it but knots more players of the game of the adult will find to take stuck in the zone of library where has to that sneak spent 3 prefects a lot annoying how is really difficult. A corner of the camera neither helps sometimes.
Some controls are easy to learn and take an usual to inventory which are adds to help agree that to do.
A thing that loses of of the this is fine it-game of player.
Regarding my indication, is the just relfection that the developers of a game has not tried quite hard.
4 / 5
My preferred potter the game is one the majority of entertainment to touch. It suffers scenes of slow yard in a 360 but he would have to that be expected because of an age of a game.
5 / 5
Well An animation is well, a storyline is almost to a book like calm would think it would be quite well, but is not really. Like the defender of Potter of Harry has them thinks that would have any way that the d be disappointed but unfortunately was them.
Begin with an introduction in a burrow where learns a basics of magic that will require. Battle to washing machine and of-gnome a garden to master these basics. With which have completed this movement on to diagon alley with a task to find Ginny fail to be completed quickly if it was not for a anooying bit of animation that can you a lot of zip by means of.
Arrives in Hogwarts to struggle a whomping sauce to succour the rum then has entered a school where attack some better bits. You would be bad does not improve. Each room is essentialy one same likes to last, collects grain to the long of a way, loses grain to take blah blah.
Basically this game is trousers , is repetitive, boring and any where near of a quality of some books or included some films. It can be better spent for the boy to touch in the suppose but if yours older that 14 the would not annoy . JK Probably hates a game , but then take alot of money for some copyrights!!!
4 / 5
I have finalised so only this game and with which wanting to one 3rd harry potter game partorisca a xbox, was really suprised partorisca find that there are them enjoyed this one the whole plot more. A map was like this better! It liked Really of him because of a consistency with a map. Really recommend it. A Quidditch especially is fun but still a time although challenge. It is kinda scarey in some bits but concealed so only could me be!
4 / 5
The game was brilliant, has bitten dulcemente in XBOX 360 but the good map but an only question is can very free to roam out of some earths or has amused taunting a prefects. It recommends but if really it likes-you the emission roams Man of Spider of the game.

Top Customer Reviews: The Lord of the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia A partorisca the gentleman of some coverages fans everywhere. Although a game is not of a level a big plus of maps has compared to modern levels, there is the wide row of characters that can touch you like this and can follow a line of history easily. Touched this long this in spite of enjoy it, like this hours of fun to be had here. Defiantly Validate of the money!
4 / 5
The good element would recommend to any one. Works perfectly, excellent condition and has had any question that installs and in the current etc. A
5 / 5
has bought a xbox partorisca touch this game. The better game has not done never. Still although a map is the little poor now
5 / 5
This game has been bought like the present partorisca my edges of 16 years those who have looked for the enjoy. The game likes described
4 / 5
has taken a game because it touched it to them when he in the first place type, value each penny. Touched he partorisca hours and of the hours
5 / 5
has bought this like the present partorisca the partner likes and touches it enough the bit would recommend for boys
4 / 5
will use mine 1000 words wisely, and divide a description the headings. Possible spoilers in a game.. :D!
Stunning. The ash and the sparks float gracefully down to the organism-strewn battlefield. Spray Of the trolls atasca so it presses the tower to seat on rubble and smoke and llamas flicker perfectly against the mountainous backdrop. Until sixty characters on screen immediately, arrows and waves to be launched by means of an air. Richly Has detailed characters with realistic movement. Flora detailed superbly and fauna. Amazing.
Adds! The half interactive massive means. See spear in an earth? It chooses arrivals and launch he by means of an unsuspecting Or'ruk Have' @@@cofre. It looks flounder around before blocking in the heap. Need to access a cup of this wall? Cut a rope of the trebuchet and look a collapse of edifice like the two rock of tonne runs over it. A lot of enemies that approximation a door of the wall, where calm at present is defending? It whitewashes The vat of oil in of the llamas on and look an effect.
Ladders, ballistae, Spears, wise and many more the objects can be interacted with. Sure a game is all killing and maiming, but are add, and addicting!
is Ladies of some Coverages! That more can loves? Excellent tunes to go with an excellent game.
Him him The fellow and two hours, days inf fact. I have had he for the almost the week and I aim any sign to give on closing. With the , month. There are fifteen main levels that follows some streets of different characters during an adventure, but when the complete, you unlock the load of material and can replay any level with any character.
Unlock New capacities - turn Legolas puny elvish signal to mythril cars of murder. Able result to destroy the shielded enemy, strikes to an earth and finalise was, everything in three keys!
For a player, is a same period , but included harder as having two humans are better that one. It excepts now taking continuous points asistenciales dotted around some levels.
difficulty of Game - annoy Real
Easy - Hard
Normal - Really Hard
Hard - Hard Hard
Graphic: 9/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Music : 10/10
Lifespan: 10/10
This game has the map adds, music, gameplay and adds replayablity. In general it takes the 9 /10 (Which is essentially 4.5 stars, but four did not justify it!) It take a golden ten if you are taste and of murder of amour. If desires for the more challenge of strategy has related, this could take repetitve.
Likes to kill? 10
No like this enthusiastic? 9
Any way, a compraventa essential. Oh yeah, Thanks to a X-the boxes there am a lot pocolos uploading screens. Perhaps four seconds for each a, which so only arrives among him!
4 / 5
This play can not be used in the xbox360 without a xbox hard walk that the return this game to provider

Top Customer Reviews: Star Wars: Knights ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
4 / 5
Still one of a history more the orders driven RPG the titles there is. This and is the predecessor is titles of game of the must . Works in a 360 but can stutter from time to time. Extracted better in original Xbox consolations.
5 / 5
punctually. If partorisca game ALSO LIKE NEW. WOW The game had included manual, also perfect condition. It has pleased extremely.
5 / 5
Amazing game, still while in it crappy on-line edition...
5 / 5
the has not liked him never some films like this the cant say in a game , but is partorisca some edges as it have to that be very xxx
4 / 5
more than some games of the wars of the star expect king emission partorisca next gene
4 / 5
Partorisca such an old game working order that shines hardly any scratches, work perfectly in mine Xbox 360
4 / 5
of moon has arrived early, which was the pleasant surprise , and was described like this that. Any harm to a chance and no visual failures in a disk. The only thing is does an occasional corruption of some files of music whilst touching a game, but ossia much smaller. In general, the very good sale.
5 / 5
Amado a first game, and is remained initially down for while darker/more depressing this game is. BUT, when I touched it again they are enamoured fall with him on a first game. A) is grown more-on, B) taking to turn more people to jedi is ready roughly the, C) much more that it interest moral elections, D) is roughly redemption and according to casualidad (a @@subject alentador calm seldom sees a lot in of the games), And) an interface/of paper feels better, F) TAKES A PERTINENT TOGA . Yes a fight taken the bit samey, yes one looks of terrible map for 2020 levels, lacks of a joy of cartoon to drive it Bastilla crazy. But masters the game of the wars of the star concealed is quell'has bitten deeper and character-based, thoughtful, any just key mashing 'kill 'in all' gameplay . . . Ossia Your game .
4 / 5
There is rid punctually. If for game ALSO LIKE NEW. WOW The game had included manual, also perfect condition. It has pleased extremely.
5 / 5
Did not like Me Never of some films like this the cant say in a game , but is for some edges to the equal that have to that be a lot of xxx
4 / 5
more than some games of the wars of the star expect king emission for next gene
5 / 5
For such an old game working order that shines hardly any semence, work perfectly in mine Xbox 360
4 / 5
The element has arrived early, which was the pleasant surprise , and was described like this that. Any harm to a chance and no visual failures in a disk. The only thing is does an occasional corruption of some files of music whilst touching a game, but ossia much smaller. In general, the very good sale.
4 / 5
Has arrived at the head of schedule, in mint condition any swipe or scratches to the disk or the chance and the book of instruction has comprised. Very satisfied with a product.
4 / 5
A game is too well partorisca me excellent game this in spite of really.
Would recommend this game partorisca any one the Wars of Estrella
5 / 5
A sequela to an incredibly touches that the careers thin when compared but the offered is own only experience of a same world.
5 / 5
Has thought a prime minister 70 of this game has been point and averts, unfortunately, does not go on down half of, and so only takes more and more 'caseous', buggy and stupid.
Sadly Yes calm some plots in a wrong order before you have found a person partorisca give you a mission, a calm game accept has completed a mission, but a character any, and like the result that leaves of a plot does not develop .
In a chance for any that speaks to a without importance character in a section of refugee has roamed around partorisca four hours that looks for to advance one weaves until I have spoken accidentally to this person.
In the a lot of chance has found that choosing advantage of different elections to a same response.
One a lot before mission is exceptionally long, and tiring, but a same time, was point and averts, sadly a history degenerates, and there is so only any one an included feel like first Knights of an Old Republic.
One map, is point and averts, an engine is good and very different tweaks has been added, took the long time partorisca build the lightsaber, and well know that this so only finds well later in a game.
While it is evident that the plot of time and has thought has gone to a generation of initial character, sadly this does not remain strong throughout.
Is almost like two different development instruments him has developed this game, one first half would estimate 10 out of 10, and would have won game of a year again without the doubt, a second half, if like the result of time, estimativa or different developer, so only no measured until a first half.
No attended to do a same mission differently, sneaking by means of the minefield or sneaking by means of the minefield, wow that the election?
Has had I writing this description in a prime minister 70 of a game would have valued it 10 out of 10, but now estimate roughly 7.
4 / 5
This game was one of some reasons to reason has taken my Xbox. It have touched a game before and is still the game that comes up in conversaton with old friends to this day. A map was cost when he was liberto but today is dated really. Still, such the history adds frames up for him. Calm so only can touch he in an old 4:3 format to the equal that could take the black fields in some sides has the widescreen TV. It is also compatible with a Xbox360 but has the little his subject @of minors. I have it quell'has listened so only he in a, perhaps two dialogues, and does not annoy me . I higly recommend this game to any Wars of Estrella fans there, if it does not love a universe of Wars of the Star so as I , can still like a fantastic history, but could take hanged in an old map.
4 / 5
Would advise any one looking in this game for the buy, could do them not dipping down. A rpg in a universe of wars of the star, whats any to want to
5 / 5
The arrived inside decent time, and a packaging was appropriate, a disk and the chance have maintained in of the perfect conditions. A manual was in a chance, can not it think that has not pleased me.
4 / 5
Diverse big scratches on disk. It does not upload. Not going to send behind been due to side, so only will purchase another copy of another side.
5 / 5
Awesome Game partorisca defender of wars of the star, system of edifice of good character with a lot of election in faculty by force, stat upgrades, the instruments of the weapon etc. there has to that well sure the linear storyline but can choose an order wants to visit each one that like this of some planets and for like this in the mandate a history unfolds. Really you recommend. It is coming punctually and as described, and has touched in a Xbox 360 without subjects
5 / 5
Knights of an Old Republic 2 has had an extremely hard law to follow (Bioware the original is damn near perfect) and time very small to do he in. Cela The game this well has been written and dip near in only the year speaks volumes roughly the skill of the obsidian with that function key and history.

Gameplay, Map, his and pesentation is near identical the KotOR. Although few improvements have been added everywhere of a voice that read to a creation of a Jedi togas, almost feels like the a lot of compehensive mod more than the game of the his own. But KotOR the force is a immersive, the rich adventure adds to a mythology of Wars of the Star, and this sequela wisely dips everything of his endeavour to a same zone, with impressive results.

A plot follows immediately of an original (that touches a sequela in the first place is not recommended) and follows the alike structure and creates the character of alike advantage, but a much darker, your thoughtful plus results apparent immediately and so only is still in to augment. A force adds of KotOR 2 is his mould of characters - especially your mysterious mentor Kreia and sidekick-with-a-past Atton. These two (and the little another) is writing and touched with the subtlety and depth that some first lacks of same game in his better moments, and directed creates to rivalry among some two games. KotOR Is consistently fantastic, but KotOR 2 has moments of something better. It is the cerebral plus , more thematic, subject sober that almost another history of Wars of the Star there, and all a better for him. Where Some apes of premiers of game some films to the failure, a sequela is compellingly so only.

The can not be denied that a game is buggy, inconsistent in his difficulty, yours and plot, very linear in of the places and has the a lot defective end (the developers have has admitted that it has to that the big sections cut to fulfil unreasonable dates of caducity) to a point of the his alst the half hour that it is grieve compehensible. A prime minister 90 of a game is solid, but the recently arrived would owe that expect some headscratching during a endgame. It is not the gamebreaker, but he sea a global product.

Sound that confuses cliffhanger the end was solved finally in the disappointing novel of Of the King, but a game can leave you has frustrated. This has said, a no-quite-the product has finalised is packed with exceptional characters, moments of the brilliant dialogue and that builds world-wide, and of the global gameplay remain to the entertainment adds. Some experiences of game the little too much, helping to develop a Bioware-way RPG model: you are able to coach defenders to result Jedi cavalier, for example, strongly effecting his arch of character and function in gameplay. Some missions require you to touch without your party, or without your character of player. The puzzles often require creativities and thought and can have resulted multiple.

For defenders of qualities RPG writing and those looking for the dark plus, more pensive Wars of Estrella - and especially so that it enjoys KotOR - is an easy recommends. For the work of the year, is surprising.
4 / 5
There is enjoyed an original KOTOR , touching by means of several times to see the one who the differences have arrived with different decisions , and to the equal that was anxious to purchase this , one follows up .
Whilst Has the plus along storyline , does not look that a quality of a history has improved proportionally . The big parts of a game involve to run to and fro among NPC is , doing sure asked a right question , for then be able to ask the concrete question of another NPC .
A fight and the map are essentially one same to the equal that touches leading , another that a weapon quickchange ease , and the powers by force have been enhanced to add spice further to a mix .
In general , whilst one formulates rest the winner a , a plot ( comprising unsatisfactory end ) and period of a history all count against that .
4 / 5
Is the hard task to follw on a prime minister KOTOR but this game has fulfilled each expectation has had them, so only fails to fulfil some levels of KOTOR because of a lack of transfers in a storyline and a fact that KOTOR was a prime minister and could not be surpassed although KOTOR 2 has revolutionised video games.
Alot Of the people have seen planets gleaming and in a summit of his history in KOTOR, now take to see like some years of look of the planets on and that find is building @@@crumble and everything in conditioning quite poor.
One adds storyline, a lot of gameplay and give you abundance of entertainment.
4 / 5
This game is excellent in a lot of ways. It emulates A prime minister according to that gameplay and storyline go and there is the pocolos adicións/additions to a gameplay which add to an experience of global game. For example, the by force new powers, arms, and a capacity to bash boxes of open/doors with the lightsaber or another melee arms. This in spite of, for me, has the few disappointing elements to this sequal. In the first place, I have found that some characters have not been like this likable like those in a prime minister, as He Bastilla and Mission especially, the one who notably elicited empathy of a player. Secondly, A game is quite glitchy in some parts, the accident compared with a prime minister that has touched glitch free. Thirdly, A conclusion of some looks of game to come a lot suddenly, and has no real advance according to which yours to course likes the protagonist goes, likes opposed the prime minister KOTOR, where an end is a lot returning. My only critique that comprises both games is a harm builds 'choose your own street' element to a narrative. Some conversational options for a light and dark side the streets are EXTREMELY OBVIOUS, in my opinion, doing it too easy to choose any street. For example, spent needs the generator to be able to of the civilian, some elections can be like this simple as ' will help you was instead for a generator to be able to' or ' go you to kill and your familiar'. This in spite of, both games are extremely playable and a lot a lot obliging.
A KOTOR the series is my favourite games , and rest waiting for a rumoured KOTOR 3. It recommends this game to any, defender of Wars of the Star or the no. is RPG is a lot, much more.
5 / 5
Has loved the game of Wars of the Star, and is not sure state yes to take this or Revenge of a Sith... It say I definately has done a right election. Still if you are not the defender of RPGs, this game still has the quantity adds to offer, and longevity; have ammased on 40 Hours of gameplay like this far, this in spite of any completed the. A way of history is excellent, some builds to act up during some battles (Although I have found the majority of battles is very easy to the equal that was necessary has begun in a Difficult level).
A cutscenes is brilliant, has taken really engrossed in a game, to a point of addiction.... Beware, will experience deprivation to sleep when you touch this game.
Is after the replication of some films of Wars of the Star then probably would prefer Revenge of a Sith (or included Bequeaths Wars of Estrella), but wants to result engrossed in the entirely new takes on Wars of Estrella, then this one east for you - Acode Upper...
4 / 5
Some original Knights of an Old Republic was the fine game and a lot of amadoes for defenders. Following on such the title has not been to be never easy. To the obsidian Of new developer has taken clearly this task a lot seriously and has gone the city in those produced to sequela that directions a bit those that defects of a first title.
Some mates that accompany east times around is the satisfy the diverse and interesting plus of personality, often with agendas of his own. Arms, upgrades and the supplies can all be created with an ease of the new labour bank and the lightsabers are infinitely more customisable that before. A capacity to influence your orientation by force of the mates is very welcome (something concealed FELT for likes it would have to that it has been in a first game, but wasnt). A music is also excellent. A plot is excellent, deeper that before but drawing in a leading history. A new Sith the gentlemen are one stirs intriguing , mysterious and quite chilling (different Malak those who imposed but relatively unscary).
Has, this in spite of, some downsides to this game. An engine of the game still is used like this first which is the harm like can not help but think that a xbox is of able besides. It is also the a lot of buggy game, the lacking characters to attack just enemies in front of them and sometimes run is gone in an opposite direction! Different Kotor 1 a game seldom autosaves that it can do it unexpected deaths A lot of galling.
Although it was a lot of enthusiast in a plot, if to an end snowball near a lot quickly which shortens your options in of the terms of partnering a lot of together characters. I have touched a game by means of to two times like them both he sith and he jedi and has not directed to take a full history out of all a character is in my crew for an end of game. Ossia A lot has stock exchanges to time to touch by means of again but seeing like this taken around 30 hours of some extremes to the another is quite frustrating.
There is relatively little sith artificats or the new dresses of armour and look of Obsidian to be reluctant to add new some in, a lot of dissapointing. Any the one who has taken has fallen he out of creating the good/bad star forges togas in a orifginal kotor will find no similar surprises here.
The selection of weapon is now much faster thanks to a handy option of the second selectable weapon joint. A downside when being that among a way to select you that the type of attack chooses from time to time. Another key in a poster, so only for that, would have been useful. More can by force the new movements would have been utmost. That in a movement of evasion and.G that evasions backflips, draws of sabre of speed of light (iai-jutsu way for one martial artisits there!) The lightsaber feigned (Obi Wan in Episode 4 against Vader).
Was to add could travel among locations in the look for bicycle (thinks darth maul in episode 1 - would require it the engine of better game, perhaps in xbox 2!) There is still to plot of tooing and froing on foot, in spite of the obsidian that cut down punctually of travesía.
In general the very good game but also something of the stray occasion. A prójimo Kotor will require to have the engine of new map, more variety in of the opponents (so only the one who sith assasins can any one really taken?) And the third freer law. It is also qwuestionable that often it can it have jedi that loses his memories and/or his powers so only to build them on again.
Perhaps kotor 3 would owe that take the leaf out of the book of the fable and mature the character of birth and adolescence to age adult Anakin way. A mysterious jedi the routine will lose his appearance in the third Kotor. This says if his one in the transmissions would be more than happy to take the copy.
4 / 5
A lot of can have you enjoyed KOTOR behind in 2003 and was then a game of wars of better star now. KOTOR 2: A Sith the gentlemen takes place 5 years with which some originals and a Jedi is in a flange of extinction. You are a last known Jedi the known knight to a sith, dispite a fact is an exile , and is by train to hunt you down. Once calm more built the crew of defenders and must has chosen yes to follow any one a light or dark side.
An is not alot of difference among east and KOTOR. A map is one same, a gameplay has experienced changes smaller and there is still a lot of conversation to seat by means of. This time although you owe that build your lightsaber of several different parts, your motley the crew is not a getalong sale of KOTOR and has to that go in the investigation to find some members of a Jedi joints the one who exiled you and neither join them, or kill them.
Of course is not an only Jedi has left. You fulfil Kreia, the mysterious old woman that you action the bond with and Visas, whose masters so only spends to be one of a two sith gentlemen that is by train to hunt you down. Both of these characters command a force and can exert the lightsaber. Other characters comprise Atton, it scoundrel and pilot with the turbulent past, Bao Hard, the specialist of technology that does your lightsaber once there is aquired everything of some parts and Mandalore, a leader of a Mandalorians that could recognise it you of a first game. Your ship, a Ebon Hawk also done the turn in KOTOR 2.
In general this game is better that is predasessor reason has the more involving storyline, more can by force and more planets to explore. If it likes him-you the wars of the star will want to this, and maintain you distracts it for hours!
4 / 5
Having has COMPLETED NOW one are game , chair for the say so only no alive until a prime minister in a series.
Are the enormous defender of a prime minister KOTOR, to buy a X-the interesting boxes. A history captivated, a map has surprised, a curve to learn has been just right, a fashion to struggle so only, and the one who can forget some first time takes to manage Bastila double-bladed yellow lightsabre. Oooh yeah!!
A second game has a adictiva quality of a prime minister, which the fact enjoyable. There are more edges of plot that calms can shake a Ewok in, this in spite of some looks of history to be missing of depth besides a main storyline of a game. He so only lack of a synergy and emotion of a first game, and looks the little fractured in of the places.
This in spite of, my main flus come with a technical side of a game. A framerate can stutter drastically, included when any a lot of action that goes in. Some results are in his worse slope of the scenes of battle with the little baddies, where fire of the laser and the explosions can retard a game down when frustrating crawl.
A second what annoying is some loops in a conversation. You will find that you the arrival that has to weaves of some same conversations with sure characters, and several selections of the response of the conversation directs behind the leading responses of some characters of computers. It can be a lot of frustrating.
My last subject with a game is that, included although has has touched so only a game in Normal difficulties, is just way too easy. It say for a prime minister fifth of a game there is any threat of real entity to your character. And when you can kill a toughrest enemies with two swipes of the lightsabre the to ask you where a challenge is. There is the pair of simple puzzles during a game but at all that really it defy.
In spite of of the east a look of game adds, and there are some fantastic new locations and races to interract with. But in general a game looks the little hasty, and chair that more the testing could have averted some of these shortcomings. Oh, And a trailer in a start of a game is dodgy. And a podracing is so only odd!
Him him The election among some two games, goes for a first game. Still an original, still a better!
5 / 5
This description comes late as there is so only so only take a Xbox. But a game that has has wanted to was this a legislation of a start.
In all the chance, my opinions.
Thinks that is the very good game , quite big and expansionary, a lot of investigations and investigations lateralmente, those interest and the dialogue writes well, good realisation of a universe of Wars of the Star (the effects of the his particularly).
Liked an interaction among characters, an alignment of way among good and bad affects history and development of character, although I found it harder that be alcohol of bad pure!
But have the pocolos critical. An animation is the little clunky although a lightsabre the fights can look good (if the little repetative).
Graphically He veers Among boring and mundane and very a lot of (I like an use to light on armour). There is the lack of faces of character in NPC is and a dialogue of alien this in spite of attentive to some films is repetative. No too happy with a tax of frame. Hardly coma 30fps and the time almost comes to the complete stop. But my real question with this game is a BIG sound bad bugs , ugly! There are more bugs in this game that bugs in the piece of decayed forest. You any all hurt a game, but on too many occassions has had to upload in the forward save reason a game has clashed neither or any another odd thing. If it touch it uses a autosave and save ALL A TIME!
There is glitches with containers and inaugural boxes, glitches with movement. Also one has DONE Often extraordinarily stupid things in time. Sometimes this game incredibly is frustrating.
This in spite of himself can locate a tide of bugs and glitches will find you the deep and rewarding game (although an end was the little disappoints it).
Like 4 out of 5 although I quite dipped 7 hole of 10. In all the chance, perhaps KoTOR:III will be the free bug?
4 / 5
This description does not contain any spoilers.

In spite of beginning very dulcemente, has been pleased in that attention had been given to some characters of support. They promote the darkest feelings in your character and the strong sense of distrust is built up with everything of them... Each one which so suspecting a bit another of foul play. A superficial original, cliché and the characters of comedy were at all in comparison.

This in spite of, a line of main history is the little complicated in of the parts and has not felt so to the epic likes first of one. Although one feels of this game is much more mature and that involves that an original game, a main plot could have been the better plot . Has thinks that that an end was a anti-climax, although it was the start adds partorisca another sequela.

In a down side, uploading of the scenes takes the long time with the negative effect to a moment of a game. This is not helped by a creation of some zones in a game... Which has turned a lot of zones of map, requiring a game partorisca take partorisca upload in the frequent base.

An election lateralmente dark/ the light is still he a lot has bad has actuated... It does not think Bioware or the obsidian is not never able state to do this legislation. Like this usual, a game boasts an option partorisca choose your own street, but a motivation partorisca fall to a dark side is not there. There is not any reason because the superficial motives can not have the habit partorisca try a player... Like the fast clue partorisca take the lightsaber, commanded of instrument of better magnitude etc. Some options of tongue partorisca a dark side where mostly questions or answered bad partorisca payment, in place of options that would be compatible with the Jedi falling to a dark side.

The experience is treated still was almost totally to struggle, that means that it seats the butcher each enemy in sight and that takes any reason for tactic of stealth. But it does not concern ... Killing the people will not hurt your bookmark lateralmente light, another quite serious defect in a system of the alignment according to which am concerned.

In general, has been impressed in which some characters of support have come to the long of of an original, but was the little there is disappointed that more the lessons have not been learnt considering some points of experience and systems of alignment. And I will be to take a next sequela when it exits.
4 / 5
Five years with which 'Cavalier Of An Old Republic', a Jedi has been propiciado a flange of extinction for a new Sith Gentlemen Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion. One of a last Jedi, exiled of an Order the earliest decade, begins to the piece has jointed some chances plaguing a galaxy. This investigation takes an exile to some mines of Peragus, has devastated Telos, Nar Shaddaa a Smuggler is Moon, Dxun a Moon of Demon, Onderon, Dantooine, Korriban and finally to a dark world of Malachor V.
This game of the all is calm phenomenal predecessor are distant and the little has bitten more. Elements of a gameplay has been tweaked slightly so that small transmissions (like the caption saying you there is already emptied the box) done a game to plot smoother that touch. Some the new worlds am excellently varied, leaving for the wide variety of sidequests comprising preparing it settler composed for the chair, those helps overthrow the planetary ruler and obtaining a respect of a Mandalorian warriors. Of course, part of the charm of this game is that each one that like this of these missions is different to the equal that of those who the side chooses to be on and or calm does not walk a dark street. Some the available additional characters is more interesting that before as each one which to the equal that has his own agenda and secret to be unlocked. This game takes the most mature approximation to a galaxy of Wars of the Star, with sexual tension, a capacity to see some dangers like this was of laws bondadosas and two sincerely incidents Sith the gentlemen were to hunt you down (well, four really - but is for you to uncover). For defenders of a first game there is new revelations roughly Revan and a Mandalorian Wars, as well as appearances for T3-M4, Canderous (although it can not recognise at the beginning), Carth, Bastila and (more than everything, meatbag) HK-47.
Reason is more complex and adult, lack of some of some Wars of Estrella feel that like this deeply pervaded is predecessor . Also, the lightsabers are REALLY HARD to spend for, which is the shame because it leave expensive he, is that it wants to see!
5 / 5
Whan Has begun to touch this game has not gone too sure wether there has been so only flushed thirty books down a pot, is still anoying slow down and mosion blurs keying was every time I the tone. Take his this in spite of, found me stray is for real fascinatingly briliant line of history, a fact that all that will twist you to you more afterwards to a dark side or light side. Points lateralmente the light can be obtained for increasing the woman with his has has lost boys, some lateralmente the dark points would be obtained for instead killing some boys and saying to a mother that when calm found had died him already. This characteristic so only is which falls it to me enamoured with this game but has a pitfall, his so only like this hard!
Has touched he for roughly ten days now and are so only half way by means of! But for everything means to buy this game of the weeks of enjoyement and the cry of time with cholera, but his still the game adds.
4 / 5
Likes Halo this game there has been the hell of the plot to live until. With a first be of game like immensly fantastic the could not resist buying is one. At the beginning it has been them disappointed reason a game has not moved like this fast. This in spite of has them then agreed that a first game has moved like this slow like that snail also like this the decide the give the casualidad. Like the game unfolded untangled them everything by force can new, characters and the integer of new amour for wars of star. This game was in plot easier that complete a probably a lot like this well like prime minister an although it takes the boom of the boom that estimates everything of the same. It is the true legend !
5 / 5
First of all, are them an absolute enormous defender of bioware games and amour starwars KOTOR 1 and 2, and see these games like this for real épico was this day and age.
My only question like such is that a xbox360 bosses like this KOTOR 1+2. This game Is playable, so only be prepared for small things to affect your experience. It suffers an odd sound glitch (short explosions of blurred static) and lag pending of the scenes of fight (sometimes smooth, sometimes jumpy) but any of these things done a game broken, so only the little annoying.

Like this he yours a type that pode the game in spite of his technical subjects, and appreciate likes a xbox of classical, then recommends them test this game.
But the find it hard to recommend his prequel, which in mine dress suffer more bugs and glitches to a point will finalise to the turn went it.

p.S. Another bioware Imperio of Jade has called classical (Xbox) is a lot of value look, and suffers A lot of LAG Or QUESTIONS AT ALL!!!
5 / 5
KOTOR 2 Is the vast improvement in a first game in almost all the zones. The things are more streamlined and to plot more user freindly, for example fixes it to has changed quickly the arms more than that has to that go a paper and look by means of you enormous list of the arms for a sword want. Unequiping The elements is also to the easiest plot simply go to a screen of character or invetory screen whilst in a Ebon Hawk and can select to take other elements of characters that accelerates thins up. One of the entity has left down this in spite of is a history is slightly more than the left down, with him he that is confusing or a bit tedious in time and an end, some leaves of finals a lot to be wished. Felizmente This in spite of has force and powers of new feats to enjoy and some elements are different every time touch to do the hard to do all one same every time. Has enough to plot of appeal of long term with being of new dialogue unlocked when I complete it like the light and the dark character, ive still still to mention some classes of new character and an option to turn your characters to jedi or sith. Sound an improvement but a history is not like this obliging or like this fill of the shocks and a last boss can be killed in two movements if your harm. Well it validates bying to all the cost of him has touched a first game.
4 / 5
In that listened the one who a kotor the game there has been has changed developer, the resisted out of small hope partorisca to decent sequela to the original glorious. I have been relieved to find this kotor 2 is each one has bitten like that is mad about likes first. It liked really of one 'flu' factor when that speaks to characters, and pleased to find that some characters were generally more interesting that one is hundreds of subplots in of the this to maintain you interested and, the difference of a first game, when being a lot does not mean calm is too poor to buy good material. I have lost one in of the debates of game among characters but date a quality of this game the to the left go. His the shame that your character of a first game is now bad considered generally and that there is so only glimpses read by means of holocrons of the oldest characters like Him Bastilla and Carth, but in general ossia the game adds .
4 / 5
Any one the sequela suffers for comparison to his predecessor, but KOTOR2 is more miserable that the majority. An original game was the swipe of enormous accident , and to reason a lot very - was the a lot of entertaining ski-fi romp shorn of some excessive statistician and beards that marks the majority RPGs produced of niche. While a simplistic and square fight-the advance of cut of the plot was the bit has watered down in comparison to a greats, was precisely this concealed has maintained a friendly game.
When To the obsidian has come to do a sequela, has looked determined to launch all this goodwill out of a window. KOTORII Is the sprawling disorder of the game, full of bugs and unfinished investigations - and with the line of the history far darker and more tortured that it is predecessor . To top it all was, a calm game fall directly to that is possibly a longer mission in a whole game. Ouch.
A fight is still relatively simple, although the things has been improved for simply doing some harder fights and a main statistics. A main character can achieve monstrous levels of power for an end of a game. East will appeal to the that his gameplay épico.
A map is dated enough, and has the odd trade-was that it goes in with an original game. Some planets in KOTOR2 look far less than appealing that those in KOTOR, but some models look better. It is the little disappointing to have the one who looks to be the no sidewards more than the a lot of behind, but in general, a grahpics is not really that it is that it imports here. They are personally more annoyed for a sound. A voice that read them is strong, but one or two of some characters speak in of the rhythms that his very odd in a first pair to listen (Bao-Hard especially). A music is very disappointing. It is generic as-passage of Wars of Star of tax in his worse. Compared to some soundtracks of 'Icewind Give them' and 'Planescape:Torment', is very very feeble.
All these sounds unappealing like this far, but now take to a backbone of any decent CRPG - a writing. KOTOR2 Takes the giant jump at the head of the his predecessor here. (Which, could signal was, was functional, any feeble in this department) A main storyline is a lot daring for the game of Wars of the Star. Calm still has to that esave a universe' except this only raisin in a side. A main narrative is the powerful rites -of-history of passage that neatly sidesteps everything of a cliches and pitfalls of a gender to result something really special. A two main NPCs: Atton and Kreia, is two of some more written characters in any RPG, never. Atton Is a thin plus - is three-dimensional, believable and compatible; Kreia has such the presence to command, she rightfully dominates a whole game. It is difficult to remark any of a NPCs averts of the his in a first career by means of. Some frames of law of game for your NPCs behind-histories also. Where A calm original rid you his in the dish, has to negotiate a system of influence in KOTOR2 to take the character develops required a lot. While some people can very like this, felt it immersed calm in a game to the a lot of discharge More adds them.
A game offer he casualidad to mussel the personality of your character to the discharge more adds far that an original. One first conversation with Atris gives a player a casualidad to establish the moral place and defend it to a last. Kreia Try your philosophy in of the ways far besides a Light Side-the Dark side that dance like this typical of Wars of Estrella. While your elections have little effect in one the definite end in a game, (that considers an arch of history, has been difficult to have entirely different multiple finals) adds the colour has required a lot and effects some fates of the yours NPCs. An end deserves mentions also. While flown for partidários a lot of partorisca (basically) that loses the thirty-small FMV the full sequence of explosions, has found the climax to be of a history much more dramatically effective that an original east. It is one of a bit those that RPG finals that has not left the bad flavour in my mouth.

For everything of some numerous bugs and feeble presentation, KOTOR2 swipes where tale. While Bioware has done a lot of games add of then, KOTOR2 is a so only an objective east for a same territory like glorious 'Planescape:Torment'. A fact that a game has catered /come from splinter company - Obsidian - and a lot Bioware his, is an interesting and saying development in a current history of games of computers.
4 / 5
In the first place was, ossia the brilliant game , but is not a flawless classical this was KOTOR 1.
In the first place, a development of the plot is not controlled also by means of a dialogue of character and like the result, my whole game changed reason have been forced to kill one of a Jedi. I have had the edges have repeated by means of out and was in an end!! Besides, I have done to treat it one 'Hutt' and later this so only has not taken effect??(Yeah Has been and see a Captain and everything maintain to say was 'Ohh is behind') Then , expects abundance of bugs. Also taking the light sabre taken for ever mainly reason a start is like this slow. When I have taken the sabre and some powers to level main a suddenly resulted game to the easiest plot that KOTOR 1 in that has had to use more skill. I have run enough entirely a final level in this game (averts of a boss to level of course.)
This in spite of, in spite of all that has touched this game a lot-stop for three solid of days and has loved that and knows will be to touch the again. I think a fact some starts of game with the 'Demo' the trailer really is up. Ossia A unpolished gem of the game and in spite of his defects is less badly value of the money.
4 / 5
Personally the really enjoyed a game, mroe so much that a prime minister because a gameplay is smoother, easier that control. Some New part of a game really compliment a gameplay. An only complaint iw ould has is that his glictchy. Any too much, but time of precise polish. A glitches are so only under a surface, and master efftively use some of some classes of Prestige, then these glitches really can him annoy. Some pocolos glitches with tongue here and graphic some there, some with the few powers by force. Not To Take me bad, sometimes his amused to have it lightsabre fights without lightsabre leaf. Members of the party really changes his opionins to depend that I say to them And your actions to other people. Be warned, (im a lot of sayint his the bad thing May..) To follow a parth the darkness or to light you will have to that a lot pritty hard elections, and will face opposion to them, sometimes of your own party.
In general touch the game adds to touch, gripping history that change according to your actions, clues of things to come and inturative gameplay. Ossia The game adds , entertainment to touch, included the nerve that racks in time, but podes only game finely has has dipped ready play and find glitches angering then perhaps look in something more.
4 / 5
Ossia The game adds ! The history is really well does like this although in the places there is alot partorisca run the round that looks for something or and the start does not import why know will have the scene of yard that will open the bit more than a history on and reel calm in! A map is not a better same partorisca a time was released but is still consistently good and a lot never affect of the touches of game how is all the look for in a map of the game. A game of game is like this a lot done his almost natural a way his touched so that has the curve of small learning for any-gamer is but for almost all gamer is ossia easy to choose up in of the seconds! So many in general an amazing game! It buys it and really look a history or he wont be like this good.
4 / 5
This game is seriously adictivo. I have touched by means of him 3 times in the row a lot-stop and new things every time. It is basically one same likes first game but with the few exceptions:
. You can have 2 arms dips like this theres any need to maintain goimg to a paper to change
. You can obtain influence with your mates by means of actions and that say to them
. Your mates can be coached the jedi there is quite a lot of flu
the only bad point can think them of of the this a history, is quite hard to comprise and does not have any a lot of point. In my opinion, a first game is better
4 / 5
had not touched a prime minister KOTOR (knights of an old republic for people that does not know he) when it has taken them a second a but has them has wanted to he staight was. A thing that anoys are a first level - wants to begin again and be a oposite the first yours person(good or bad) has to that tug your self by means of a first level but averts of that has at all can them comment bad on see rewiws that says that it is age until you take the lightsaber well has had he in a beginning that the entertainment concealed to be?? A prime minister KOTOR when my partner has taken he in my house has not been the scrach compered to a second and me it take loaned. It is the must buys for KOTOR or defenders of wars of the star!
(Or any with the x box realy)
4 / 5
excellent adition my collection of retro games... CD in perfect condition for an use.
4 / 5
A lot Ossia the hard one to revise. KOTOR Is probably my favourite game of all the times, adored it to them like this buying a sequal was the must. I bought it and expósito that an old KOTOR the magic was box there. Interesting and utmost levels gameplay. In fact in some ways a gameplay is in fact better that an original. As that the listen says is a question with this game. Well His simple really - a storyline.
For a first half of a game he ticks to the long of amiably, a lot of clues and the real that feels that you are building until something, then he all so only goes odd. So only it goes down to the disorder to confuse, has maintained them to touch in a hope that all would be developed and so only is not never. Everything of the sudden face a final battle and some finals of game, with any of some questions has answered. Compared to an extremely that satisfies storyling of KOTOR (although an end lateralmente light was quite sudden also), ossia material toneless . Also a cutscenes is the bad time has modified, which so only adds to an addition one celebrates gathers is not so that interests like this in KOTOR and never really discover a lot roughly his (Or enough the no in my game-by means of).
His sad the can not give this more stars, there there is still the plot of material a lot here and perhaps has touched them he by means of another do another more sense but having has finalised so only a awesome Imperio of the jade ossia poor in comparison. For everything means to give comes from it but does not expect a character of an original or Imperio of Jade
4 / 5
Well, in the first place to the left initiate me to say has written the 'preview' styled description regarding my dilemma wether or any to invest in a PC or Xbox version of this game. For some reason it hasnt has looked still, but the ones of the that really alcohols... I have found after touching this masterpiece by means of in both light and dark sides research that the same surpasses a benchmark dipped by his predecessor that has won worthy of 2003 better game prize in a BAFTA is.
In the first place has more characters with all a intruige and charisma of those of a first game, until ten entirely, and there is included different defenders of as well as your inclinations/read dark and was to gender... And some limitations of a no-jedi classed the characters of a first game has been solved. spoiler Have a capacity, by means of briliantly the side created-investigations and an engine of new influence, to coach a lot of yours force-of the unaware mates like your padawan or sith apprentices!
If this werent cools enough has the host macizo by force new, skill, and trees of feat that dipped a rpg elements of a game in the pair with fable for chance,... And a history is equal in quixotic and cinematic courage to this of an original, enough to do some palmeras like this was one the majority of jaded sweat of exile in anticipation to turn behind to a force!
Of the note is that it begin a game like the jedi disolusioned and mould-out of some methods of a force, without the lightsabre, spends deaths but with gradually returning affinities by force...
I new powers comprise a 'trick of beast' and that breathes force, has taught your some time those that the forces scattered and fugitive-practicioners those who on a semblence of a jedi order...
A lot really chair I need to say a lot in a longevity of this lucas-arts have opposite, excepts to mention you can require leave work for the touch. Has a adictiva and the alcohol that the curves can second so only the Manager of Field, so much so that the often find me that looks for to use dominate alcohol in real conversation...
In general, the wonderfull game highly deserving of a flow of the prize surely receives, without indistinto in a 'cashier except his predecessor, (he comprises them a colossal anti-climax that was halo 2), and easily like this breathtaking like any far-cry or HL2 in a PC...
...Seriously,... Right now...
4 / 5
A game is released in some the USA one a 12/12/04. It is not liberto here until at least 01/02/05. Lucky american blighters! A description these months X-Boxes offical mag declares that this calm time around need of balance some needs of your investigation against those of some members of your party. If you favour one will take less help or possibly HELPS VERY EXTERNAL! I also read that HK47 is in a game but disabled in a start, one of a sub the investigations is to find parts for him. If calm king-buld can you he says the spent with which then final of a first game to all some members of a Ebon Hawk! I Can not Expect!
4 / 5
Standing out Game, This in spite of level of Pegagus is to dull long and frustrating. After a game really takes era!
Commentaries- Found the glitch, does not save in Zone of Entertainment 081 in Tarus, especailly in some 'two tents of brothers' - a one in a far end!
The saving is blocked and xbox freezings to cause a data the errupt in your game has saved.
UPPER GAME, this in spite of does not beat KOTOR 1
4 / 5
At all more to say.

A lot so only for defenders of Wars of the Star, ossia one of a better function that play of touches never.
4 / 5
Has touched a copy of the EUA imported of this game and am happy to inform that it is better that an original I already adds! After the brief prologue where control T3-M4 begin with your own character, an exiled Jedi whose link with a force was severed.
Begin without real idea of where is and that is going in, leaving you to explore the spatial season seemingly deserted. Dulcemente Reconstruct your powers by force but his quite the box for the moment builds the new lightsaber.
Builds the party of until 10 npcs (3 that has been in a first game) the one who are enough of entities to the equal that will have time when your main character is not at stake.
Some visits of locations is mostly new and when you visit old some is good to see like this has changed it with time.
Litigates work one same as before although has some characteristic new (eg can quickly toggle among 2 different weapon configurations and use different lightsaber stances). Also it seats quite easy in some parts of a game (when touched in some regular settings).
The majority of powers by force and the feats are some same like originals but there is some abonos new some. A particularly the useful feat leave to use your dexterity quite that forces fight, essential for all any-jedi guardians.
A dialogue and the voice that read them is all glorious (averts of a anoying repetitiveness of some dialogue of alien).
One of the mine characteristic favourite in this game is an interaction among calm and your members of fellow party. As you Can obtain and lose favour with them by means of you the actions is utmost and was better is when you can begin to instruct some of a no-jedi in some ways of a force.
In general a excelllent sequela that surpasses an original.

Top Customer Reviews: The Simpsons: Hit ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
You recommend this game to any to to which likes A Simsons of franchise, included although they are way to old to be touching a game (I follows 16 lol) still finds a gameplay entertainment.
5 / 5
Took really behind to some old days , the map adds partorisca his time and one everywhere the game adds.
Really long,really interactive,and the majority of all his a simpsons GTA !!!!
4 / 5
Erm, has been sent a correct box, leaflet corrected, but a wrong game, and dissapointed that the havent has had any feedbacks of a vendor. Yeah Has good descriptions this in spite of im unhappy. Please something extreme this, the response can be good.

Top Customer Reviews: Conflict: Desert ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
The game adds and one of mine favourite in PS2 questions with service.
4 / 5
Like a xbox shoot adds virgin in until beginning with although a map was pupil really old like the memories play of PC. The only people of the sure age would enjoy this old game.
4 / 5
5 / 5
This game is not partorisca perfect but is entertainment REALLY WELL , especially when you and your game of friends has sawed-operative way.
More the points are a capacity to touch with your friends and tactical/of cry of the debate in each another! 'The one who has taken an antiaircraft rocket? Taken out of this helicopter! NOW!', 'Any one has taken any medikits has left? They are down to the mine last one', ' estaca he landmine there, calculates that the tank is roughly partorisca go back', 'I sneak up for behind a guard and knife lucido in a backside, save you a door'. A variety of arms is quite decent. Also it likes that you have to that maintain of an eye in yours ammo raisin, especially an antitank weaponry. One HAS in a way of alone player is quite well, and calm once take used to some controls, is quite easy. Another of the mine characteristic favourite is that calm so only take two saves for level. Cela Calm all bit it more cautious and augments a diving. Some missions are all quite varied and well-drawn, and each one which so it requires the different approximation.
Minus I points are that a scenery is not particularly detailed, but concealed no really @@subject reason are occupied also planning your next movement to take a lot of look. This game is also a lot last to begin, but calm once is used his is wicked! Some controls like this take the bit to take used to, particularly when giving orders to AY buddies and when elements of transmission.
Is looking for The thoroughly entertaining game to touch with until three friends, and like you the games that needs the bit of tactical thought, ossia the must -buy.
4 / 5
A lot Im Going slightly against a grain here but this game doesnt quite the appeal was. Sound like him dumbed down version of Ghost Recon. One HAS is poor for your members of crew the one who has the tendency to run out of attentively situated posisitions and to shoot calm in a backside like this you run. There is a lot of abonos accuarate touches:
A Way an aim reticule the movements is v enfrie
A ammo is burned on v fast
A Blood is fresh
Against a game is a repetive scenery and civillian graphic. There is WAY TOO MANY phases where sweat essentialy you and your men VS Cariche of Tanks. Real delta or SAS only leg he
But like the four game of game mecer! Calm will find you, likes I , yelling 'Fire of Coverage!' Or 'On me!' As the member of mussel of Band Of Brothers
Which so only can be the good thing
A expierence system to signal isnt until a lot in my book and calm of the that takes to choose the one who the arms will spend. The aversion more a restrictive classes of character. But a game has it where accounts
Still, Im while to somthing better for now!
5 / 5
Can has given in the first place this play 4 stars, he so that has 1 or 2 bugs and a control setup is somtimes frustrating in of the situations of heavy fire (likes to give medkit and supplies to your men), but does not have too many FPShooter is was for a Xbox and this one is to good sure ranked afterwards to Halo.
A better part of this game is one has Sawed-operative game. You can touch until 4 people immediately, each player 1 of one 4 specialist is (Rifleman, sniper, demolion/engineer and heavy-arms). An only drawback sees is trying to finalise a game in way of Alone Player in Hard. Your friends always will be faster and readier that one HAS has resupplied!
Has to that to something likes 14 of missions, and a difficulty is apparant when those complete on Easy, and been still in Hard. Hard quite was necessary Extreme of call, like this still with has sawed he-operative buddy, has to know that it is doing and where an enemy is coming from at all times.
My fellow and has completed Halo in Legendary in 1 full-the day and has thinks that was Hard, but this game have taken enough the moment! Not to kid you , a formation tutorials is useful, but will not prepare calm for some mines antitanques has to that learn to the look was paralización and a tactic and the formation of your men require plants to effect to survive!
Some games do not have any a lot of options in his control setup, which this different game and exciting with complete control on some characters, but in timing some keys and interface setup is fiddly and frustrating the paralización inexperienced gamers.
A good game to do by means of to start with to finalise and has to that well sure some fun bits, but perhaps any quite a lot of vehicles. In fact, now that thinks roughly the, the vehicles were used so only in the few missions. Be of reason, a vehicle setup among all 4 characters is not a better characteristic of a game and a behaviour is a bit clumsy.
Likes has Sawed-of operative game, war fashionable games and FPShooters - this game is an election for you (when you have completed Halo, ossia).
4 / 5
Ossia A class of game, whilst a lot when being no a map extravaganza would expect of a xbox, will maintain to tug you behind for more.
To the basic premise is that it control the crew of four men of elite grunts (SAS or Delta) in several sandy missions. Some controls are quite intuitive and changing among each member of your crew is the fast process. This calm leave you to react quickly to any situations to register.
Another good point is a way that can add you each member of the levels of skill of your crew with crew and of the sure arms. Utilisation an abundance of AK47 and you will find your skill and the accuracy improve in a next mission. These leaves has specialists of arms inside your crew. A factor of difficulty is good and included in easy dipping you still can take fragged quite easily if I do not move quickly enough. In a Hard dipping a game results the very different beast to the equal that try to tug roughly without attracting fire of enemy. Enemy AY is also deceptively well. It is not revolutionary but take attracted by a sound of gunfire and can give some bad surprises if you are not looking.
Some creations of level are good and big and an environmental sound FX is fresh in 5.1 dolby. A pop-on can be the little annoying but in a whole is a class of easy fashionable game that will maintain you going back. A lot some games of next gene this tentativa of days to be complex so only for a sake of him but this maintains to a point; among, swipe on things and material of shoot and start.
A subject @@@subject could be the little a PC in a moment but that a heck, can agree Raid to touch on Fly when it was younger and does not turn me to a Capitalist nutter! It can take overshadowed for a raft of Seven-Oct the emissions but this so only can find the place in your regular players so only because of a gameplay.
4 / 5
Storms of the desert of the conflict is one of these games where could say rent it or game he in the house of friends and then calms so only will owe that take . A game is sheer brilliance.
Left behind the on has bitten it. Storm of the desert of the conflict is the third person shooter place in Gulf (or at least the think his a gulf, my histories a lot to abonos). A difference among east and another third person shooters is that it control the crew of people. It conceal to not to mean you so only give commanded to the few people that the calm help to the long of a way, calm in fact can change contol each seperate the character and the control to a way likes. This calm mean could say walk your sniper until a ceiling of the edifice and take to cover you, dipped on your car gunner to do sure any sneaks up behind you and run in with your leader of crew, your expert explosions that follows closely so many can plant a C4. Some mandates can give your teamates is quite simple but take a work done. You can command people to follow you, stand his earth, the fire will resist / fire and order them to go to the concrete place.
In of the terms to be some real 3rd person shooter this is not in too much well the quality and a first level when have no teamates is not very fun, but when have the full variety of teamatesyou does not concern in that. There is not any a lot of arms and a fashion to the shoot is not amused too much. In fact if it has not had teamates at all this game would take little on two stars in my opinion.
Possibly a better part of this game this in spite of is one 2 - 4 player has sawed-operative where your friends can control the member of your crew or two and calm really can result the crew. You will find yourelf yelling in your friends and any that @damage that his just game.
A real game is ENORMOUS. It has possessed this game for the month now and the still has not bought a sequal reason I so only last like this long. Each level takes on an hour to complete and thats so only in a setting of easy difficulty. There is the total of roughly 15 missions and each one which so one is very different of a a concealed come from that.
Would advise this game to Any but especially to to that likes teamplaying of games and cooperative multiplayer games. The god blesses Conflict; Storm of Desert, Storm of Desert 2 and a punctual to come Conflict: Vietnam

Top Customer Reviews: Medal of Honor: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5
Chico, when being the enormous defender of a medal of series of the honour can not help but when being a lot of dissapointed. I have read that the big chunk of an original crew the one who has done in a series has left EA, and is clear his where a talented some in one stirs.
Has some lovely touches in this game but a quantity of negatives entirely outweigh some positive. A game looks terrible, looks as if they have not finalised with him still. The tree is yard of looks of map outs, a same thing has used in an original game in a psone. A whole game looks rough and unfinished to the equal that was drawn by the boy. An enemy HAS has not changed the bit in all these years. It presses a lot directly rear and so only there is looking around partorisca see where avenges fom. It presses any in a boss 2 or 3 times and does not die ... This game so only does not look like this have annoyed with the arrival and is the shame , likes medal of the series of honour is always be a lot up there with atmospheric music, excellent gamepley and pieces of glorious neighbours.
One the final flu is has has done main sand partorisca leave a partorisca explore more, but partorisca be sincere arrive you only partorisca take stray and spend the ages that looks for a next enemy partorisca shoot.
Like this in final, all this bad will be partorisca rent a lot of some future games to the equal that seat has been robbed, robbed of the fantastic series that the looks is by train of acids gone, and robbed reasons have on saved partorisca this game. At least I can sell he so that it is one first what will do partorisca rid of this battery of junk.
4 / 5
Fantastic game we the soldato that struggles a japs in sound of world-wide war 2 shooter the edition adds to a series
cd and the box is gone in condition adds and only cost 1p partorisca buy the surpass was 2 crux but value he
pacage was very packed like this happy perhaps will buy more in new year
5 / 5
Ossia the really fun game that really ameno of the memories of rear infancy of the touch. You age it this in spite of quite bad; some controls are rigid, a map has aged (understandably) but yes can see spent some questions this is the really fun game more adapted to multiplayer the screen has left.
5 / 5
Bought for my edges to the equal that uses to spend a lot of years of happy hours does to touch this in his Playstation and has said is one of some better games never, now has a Xbox 360 and this original Xbox games of game a lot in the
4 / 5
A game adds, there is enjoyed really he more a multiplayer the screen has left on is fun and old school although a game sometimes feels really empty. It is this in spite of the challenge and taste that of of the oldest games. Work in a Xbox 360 so that it is a prize added !
Thank you!
5 / 5
cant has beaten some retro gaming and this delivery!
5 / 5
Has bought for my edges to the equal that uses to spend a lot of years of happy hours does to touch this in his Playstation and has said is one of some better games never, now has a Xbox 360 and this original Xbox games of game a lot on he
4 / 5
I have expected this game partorisca be terrible after all some descriptions that has read. He isnï½t . His in fact a lot of enjoyable. I really, the enjoyed really. As well as map arenï½t brilliant, but his arenï½t that bad neither. They improve calm so that progress. A first level is brilliant. A second has some dodgy graphic, but after this itï½s well. A game of game are add, a lot one same like Frontline. There is the pocolos bugs, but his donï½t spoil a game. A main flu is with a AY of your supposed allies. They tend partorisca go in a way and hide your view and included prevent calm to go to go dondequiera. It touches bad but he shouldnï½t has calm place of.
There is a bit touches really excellent to a game, likes rafting down the river at night and the be has shot like this for Japs in some banks, as well as that locates an elephant by means of a jungle.
I supposition if his spruced some maps on and fixed some light bugs would have given it 4 or 5 stars, but they never so that it takes 3.
Global Iï½d says can take the economic an excellent sound, but I wouldnï½t likes pay £40 partorisca he
4 / 5
To the equal that has excited was I in a prójimo MoH the game that is liberto in Xbox in time partorisca Navidad; a lot of advertising in some means comunicacionales that objective our hero that shoots down aircraft in Pearl Port; it can not take tin very better ? Well, I am sad to say a response is the big can have been Like this better!
Some first missions whet yours win likes to take to help ward of an invasion of Pearl Port. Calm join you to an antiaircraft gun on board the beleaguered armoured and then race around a port in that is essentially an armoured speedboat with the 50-tread joined to a backside.
With which this this in spite of, a game-cheek and some drops of qualities dramatically. In planting to build in a first excellent game in some serious (buys it on a Xbox Classics to the focus yes has a lot already has taken), has had to dip an old MoH:Frontline behind in mine Xbox partorisca verify if a map has had WORSE in a sequela!
My others the big flus is (1) a AY of your fellow troopers (the stop that careers around giving was my place and going in front of the mine seen when I am shooting!), And (2) a fact that can shoot you an enemy three or four times in a boss with the rifle and does not die !
Like this @in rodeo: one touches it the game less is involving, a map has taken the behind past (or look like this with one dark and murky half half of jungle), and pocolos bugs will do drives mad . If my woman had not bought me this partorisca Navidad, would be returned he for now and Return bought to Castle Wolfenstein.
4 / 5
Has has not bought never the game this has to that way that be hyped on, still fails partorisca rid like this. A number of glitches has found so only in some premiers three levels of painful gaming, struggling on in a vain hope of something in fact spending, in fact is impacting. Could list him all but would fill my limit of word of the thousand. In brief They Comprise partorisca float choose-ups, insanely poor AY and disgraceful placing of object. Never I have paid same a lot of attention partorisca sew it to to him likes him to them these, but underline like this bad some developers owe that be embarrassed. My fellow emptied four clips of the hand-held gun to the japanese the boss of the soldato and he grieve flinched. I have found that barbed the wire fences are in fact bulletproof shields and when being in front of three ememies is not even to to the threat likes to take until THIRTY SECOND partorisca his partorisca shoot shot that the calm paste concealed you. We take out of the full barracks of the soldate that use so only some butts of the ours pistols. The arms are rid is gone in any one individual stategy, offering rifles of sniper partorisca kill the men that is ten feet am gone in a water. Any one effects of the his of the water, any one pierce of ball and game of linear game. Final of levels without any feeling of accomplishment or included logical. I possess another MoH games in other consoles but am horrified this same has a same name in a box. It is not so only an insult to an intelligence of gamers but also to a gaming industry like the whole. I have had flashbacks the Tomb Raider in a playstation when I have touched a level of jungle. Any outrage the playstation ot Tomb Raider. A way of Cooperative is not even worthy to mention. He no any sense, with all some things that was of the small credit in a 1 way of player undressed was. Sections of the wholes of levels are missing and calm can not roam further that 20 course of your mate without one of you warping to another. They are not biased. I really tried partorisca think of something very partorisca say but so only could no.
5 / 5
Like the devotee of Spearhead and Allied Assault in a PC, has bought this in a blithe expectation that Xbox accusing can coupled with the soyedal of Honour' rendering of Pacific carnage would do partorisca the spiffing game. Unfortunately, a game palls for comparison with his forebears, and is the derisory the endeavour compared with to the likes of 'Halo 2'.
When I have tried to trade this in in the venue 'Canal of Played, has been offered the pair of crux and some compassion. Perhaps I need says no more, but is hard to resist kicking the game when it is down.
While sincerely it is that it interests partorisca see some the unusual theatres of war have looked, ossia an amour of game so only. A map is second-tax, some controls are erratic and imprecise and a A.I. Of the friends and the enemies is poor. It is arguably more linear that his predecessors, but has any of his charms partorisca help a player forgets is snagged to the slow, creaking treadmill.
Partorisca me, the main weakness of a game is a scarcity of points in the progess can be save. Fifteen minutes of perfect gameplay can be lost to the competent sniper, obliging a player partorisca repeat an ad of whole level nauseum. Perhaps some writers have think that that to his audience would like me the challenge; they have loved perhaps cushion out of the a lot of limited gaming experience. In all the chance, life a lot too short to have to that plod by means of this drab and disappointing game that long.
Am said a new 'European Assault' is the better game, but suffers one same scarcity of cheek of bird' of the points. It live 'Halo 2' and surrounds on 'Half Life 2'. More can struggle an Axial this time.
4 / 5
This game is the real disappointment . Has the chair a lot rushed his and finds like the a lot amateurish production. If you are thinking partorisca buy this in some bases of the Allied assault then any one annoying - there is at all additional to offer and isn&8217;t included rid to a same level. This game will spend the times want to spend the short period of time without the thoughts that career by means of your boss &8211; but partorisca a stay partorisca defy that interests a lot clear.
More points -
>An introduction and first level are the beginning a lot of - has to that struggle your way out of the ship in a Pearl attacks of Port.
>Frequent &8216;call in of the points&8217; leaving you partorisca save your pending progress of the levels.
Negative points -
>Far too easy and courts - has completed a day.
>The map is that apresamiento terrible shots afterwards to the wall is sometimes impossible like the paste of balls out of a surface 'invisible'.
>I direct swipes to an enemy am managed in of the different ways - the boss has shot a lot necessarily resulted in dead persons, in some chances until four direct boss the shots are required (a lot annoying when you know has done the good shot and wants to move on to a prójimo).
>An enemy is a lot unintelligent &8211; they run forward in you when calm easily can the shoot down, spades partorisca change nowhere approach you and shots of fire in any direction.
>Each level after a prime minister is practically one that walks included by means of fat tropical forest.
> Does not have quite a lot of ideas in a game - look to finalise that he a same thing again and again.
>A last level is that it walks terrible around the ship that shoots an enemy and blowing on plans, but not achieving never a climax has expected.
5 / 5
Really, map really terrible, boring and predictable game, on in the new levels and ossia too long. A first time the plan that the flies have elevated so only disappeared out of a heaven was taste 'that so only spent there?'. The levels look at the end so only without you that has achieved any significant final aim, very odd! It is predecessor , Frontline has to that be one of some better games never, atmospheric history , sum and totally in absorbent. When being able to locate an elephant any on partorisca a fact that ossia the hasty was cash-in for developers clearly looking partorisca augment his remove prompt.
5 / 5
A lot of E.un leave taking a thing directly YOU CANT BUILD A WHOLE GAME has DIPPED AROUND PIECES yes some pieces of together can be fantastic but require some class of game inbetween him.
This game is full of defects! Has several bugs and maps glitches and was them a lot of dissapointed, has wanted to touch some other games in a series so it has had big hopes for east a.
In planting to think ready ways to do a hard game an active developer has it so only does harder that kill some bad types! (Seven shots of boss in a type??!!).
These being nothing special and in no way press a xbox, has the pocola mapea glitches(the people that takes stuck in walling etc).
Entertainment at the beginning but still early results bore,has Dipped the pieces are a lot this in spite of.
Two cooperative of player is amused also for the moment.
Like this careers this game is entertainment for the very short time and is one would have to that rent before buying
5 / 5
the be converted of the long time Ps2 proprietary, has taken them my spanking new Xbox wife and could not expect see that it can do. Unfortunately a game that has had to come free with was Medal of Honour: in Increasing Sun. At the same time of compraventa the has not thought a lot in this so that it had touched them Frontline in a Ps2 and has thinks that was the quite decent game . But it is a sad chance that that Locates the sun has terminal, poor sequal illness.
In a side besides a game begins quite well, with a Pearl battles of piece closely of Port, but the so only found that it was too easy to take by means of. With some games that EA at present are producing would expect some class of longevity of them.
In general the very poor game to take with my new car, the just hope that other games in a Xbox is better or could be them go back to Ps2.
5 / 5
MULTIPLAYER (a dissapointment).
Has ON SAWED (ossia he dissopointment reason you warp behind to the yours another player when you go 15 metres was).
The medal to Honour Locates the sun is not to value your cash has won hard.
A bit where traces a elethant with to the machine gun on is behind is not same well.
This well rent it so only, ( has rented he). Calm also could buy a xbox classics Frontline for £20. This new game is Frontline throughout again with just new levals. A game is short (12 houres along) and has nine levals with an unfinished endiing( has he sequal in 2004/5)
In the majority of a levals does not know whats that goes in( can of state a yard dines has been boring). A line of the history so only does not act. In mine oppinion a line of the history does not come any where roughly way that approximations to MGS1. You take poured to the leval and does not know yours reason there, but a levals is easy in all chance calms so only are a lenier street and people of shoot.
In a last leval has had to that try and succour your brother and I never new that until I have read the description of clients.
An only decent bit is a Pearl Harlbour leval(the use surrounds his, chair like your sound). In a start of this leval has to that use your fire extingwisher to dip out of llamas whilst succouring people, any amused at all. An afterwards has bitten to take a lot of repetetive, calm shooting down hordes of plans, this leval is like this realistic likes to take.
With which go to a second leval. This leval feels very empty and is accomponied with your mate in the tank. This leval is like this calm and theres the war on partorisca sakes of goddess. An enemy is intelligent, hide behind plundering he with his behind poking was. On some levals the men come those ran in calm with the spades that knows to have to that machine gun(does not go to squander my time that looks a name on).
In a third leval(jungle leval)yours bounce it and is dark, yours taking shot in and calm no very where is comming of, theres an enemy in the tree and calm so only any where is once six state killed the number of time.
Volume to use pomegranates differently for not changing your weapon(Halo way). This does not save a game to be adds.
Yours teamates arn't useful, so only run left to rights and there a lot well with calm guns like this has to that all a work. It have been well to have the mission of stealth but your temate would be like this transmission he or she would give was your possition.
Has known this game was to be bad(looking in some previews) and has warned my fellow any for the take but was the Medal Oh Partidário of Honour as his was no prendiéndole.
4 / 5
Oh I has said more. Ossia A first time has touched the medal of game to honour of then traded in mine Playstation 2 and has bought some X-Boxes. I have then bought this game that thinks that it soooooooooooooooooo very better that a last Medal of the game of Honour has had in a PS2. The bad could I Be. A map is absolutely terrible - I has touched other games in some X-Boxes that blew was (Halo was one of them) but these looks of game to use everything of 10 of a X-the capacities of the boxes. A gameplay is terrible - with clumsy A1 soldato of enemy, and has taken like this frustrated for level 4 (which is dipped in the jungle in the bad night), stumbling around when be shot in, and any when being pas able to see anything still with a brightness is looked that arrived to give up and any one has annoyed. Seriously a lot I annoy buying this game because you are really to your games, will be bitterly there is disappointed.
4 / 5
A lot of VALLEY Like all expected for a second follow-in Condecora Of the honour Trace Sol. A first game was like this very good and new our XBOX players like this all has thinks that that a second would be like this better or in a vey worse like this good. Bad informative are them affraid does not buy this game, the majority of some descriptions sees in an internet and in the magazines will say some same. A map is poor for todays levels, if any hips has the PC was likes touch a game in an old p2 400 with the 16 meg paper of map.
Trying shoot the soldato is done even harder reason will shoot to a legislation then to a left of an aim then finally shoot using the full clip of ammo.
A same day the also experience X111, smooth smooth smooth. Spent that instead.
5 / 5
I only desire would read some descriptions before I am exited on boxing day and spent £ crux in this game.
Has has not touched never anything like this entirely boring in my life before. After a shooting of plans forms a kicks there is nothin impressive in this game at all.
A map is anything but slick, has begun has touched FPS with Duque Nukem in a PC and he have had more to offer while MOH that Locates the sun there is today. A scenery is like this plan to the equal that can be, 3d the textures are terrible and that has seen like this far has no interactivity built to your half at all. It takes fed up of 'This door will not open ' of the messages and some linear gameplay to senses like was of advantage by means of this game for rope has joined to the coverage by means of my nose.
If this is not frustrating enough an element of control was terrible also with a lot of jerky movement of a crosshairs in a screen. I found it extremely difficult to take a controller setup right and to be sincere I still could any small movement with a thubsticks to aim.
In general a lot really create MOH that Locates the sun has anything to offer, is far too linear, the map is 5 years out of the date and a system of control is terrible.
5 / 5
Medal of Honour: in Increasing Sun (Xbox)

MOH that traces the sun is in general the good game but is cut much more that MOH frontline. Some missions are generally quite hard (was in an easy setting!). Some missions are long and felizmente there is savepoints in them. In timing in fact is enough it nerveracking experience that the frames think of the Or.S The point of view of the marine. It is worthwile buying these products although has the a lot of short lifespan.
5 / 5
Medal of the honour that traces the sun is FPS before person shooter and is half. You are some type of army and go round and kill japanese. You can gt in locations of gun and material. A map is quite half very worse that avrage and a multiplayer is GOOD and the better way that an alone player. Dipped the calm in this way would owe that buy halo or something more he love the really a lot one but love economic and low meso ossia a a .
5 / 5
A lot the condecora taken of honour for christmas together with the new xbox console and has touched them a game at the beginning has thought them is visually that to the surprise likes first places of calm level in an action in the ship in pearl port with a japs attacking you so much looks around a enviroment is drawn in the his gloriosity.
Likes volume more in a game all a gameplay of the medal of the juice of honour begins to dip you was that little it bite. Well Like this the found when it has completed them a game in 1 day to my accident has found them all there was is 8 levels that aint all these big. A first level extremely is entertaining but according to that it can say them for a rest of a patient of good game leave the upto you!
I leaves so only say like chair youve the state dipped behind to a playstation graphic :(
4 / 5
I recently bought MOH:in increasing sun and completed it. First of all. 9 levels! Frontline Has had 19. It likes-me a game of cooperative like calm give you he casualidad partorisca touch with your friends in planting to have them so only looking you. Having a capacity the launch pomegranates without changing wepons is the improvement adds in a game of game. A map is quite good but the ones of legustado to of seen more detail in a yard-scenes. This game was amused for the few days and when it has completed them he the so only has wanted to more. A storyline is partly in your brother donnie the one who is (that loses in action) and in a last calm level sees but is flown is gone in the plan. Calm then locate the plan and destroy a @@@portaaviones that is on and he then arrived with donnie completly kinknapped and can any one the thing roughly that. Importing sinister-down. But I marvel me it goes to be there he sequal. It averts of that. Thumbs on EA. So only the little more gameplay next time.
5 / 5
Sad to disagree with some other descriptions here, but this so only does not come until a mark. Always it assumes before buying with games of consoles, and this was £ a lot spend to save squandering £30 to £40. Perhaps I am expecting too much of a X version of Boxes, but does not compare with versions of PC of original Medal of Honour. One HAS is terrible, in a second level you can be afterwards to soldate Japanese and shoot them, look to do movement very logical at all.
Recently in that has seen Call of the has to that that careers (PC of upper final) and listening is coming to a X Box then this has to that be some advances of way .
Examples that really annoy is a barrel to explode in a bridge in firm to a start of a game. Calm know it will explode when you walk spent the, but can calm shoots it or the swipe on first?? Any he casualidad. It has touched so only this for the pair of hours in the hire of weekend, a lot of dissapointing and certainly not going to take my money.
4 / 5
Has Touched a first front of line of game, and the has not thought would enjoy it to them. But it was them really imprest. Then so only after it finalised it to them the the band there was the new one is gone in alone increasing. So much it bought it to them before it has had them casualidades to think roughly that. I wish the hadnt has them has touched so only some first 2 missions and this have taken roughly 2 minutes to touch and 5 minutes to look video. The fellt Likes looked the film not touching the game. They are a lot of dissaponted with this game. And it was to sell it
4 / 5
in the bed quell'some of some descriptions in MOHRS aimed to see this game before shabby. I have touched MOHAA on PC and expected with baited breathes to buy this game for XBOX, thinking it would be of the good level. I can say that it is the tentativa poor . A QA dept has to that have all state vacacional during trying. A very so only is that these descriptions help a decide b4 separating with some money! It is a soldato of mandate....
4 / 5
Has thought MOH:Frontline was the terrible game, that has touched to Trace Alone, the one who the this of terrible endeavour.
EA, if your mission was to produce a worse endeavour and more hyped game in a Xbox has then had sucedido, will be a lot wary of your games in a future!
4 / 5
Looks terrible, a map so only is not until xbox potential!
Very very short, has completed he with occasional gameplay in 2 days and completed it again with all some prizes and of the secrets in other 2 days. When I raisin £40 in the game the the attended the be touching at least the year later.
SUGGESTS SALTS And BUY TIMESPLITTERS 2 bought it he on done the year this in spite of touching it. Standing out
5 / 5
The one who the enormous dissapointment this game is.
Like the defender of a series has been expecting a lot this title (especially in Xbox) so only to be stunned thus poorness. An original Medal of Honour in a PS1 is upper to this title in both terms of gameplay and map.
Graphic ugly, sluggish controls and enemies devoid of Uno.yo
Lazy endeavour in time for a Season Boba for some types to EA.
Saves your money for something more.
5 / 5
Where A hell initiates them, In the first place the'll ready some bad points
1. AY Is clumsy, brainless and regulary motionless!!
2. To the terrible plot finalised with the poor when finalising
4. Repetitive
Good Points
1. Gameplay Is reasnably a lot
2. Multiplayer And the cooperative resupplies laughs, with both players that help eachother by means of sure questions
Like this in general, ossia he dissapointing sequela, which although has some good points, there is obvius deserts that has left the down terribly. He probably last for roughly 2 weeks. It DOES not BUY THIS GAME, Unless it is FOR ANY YOU LOATH!!
4 / 5
Has felt robbed when it has purchased MoH in increasing sun,first of all a game has looked quite impressive with a despertador up in the ship to be in a shooting of coverage in Japenese struggling,but ossia where a game goes extremely down a muddy slope of annoyounce.
Has taken to a phillipines to dance with a sly devils so only to be rudely suprised in a fact is done out of Kevlar armour of organism to head to toe. Only calm can not kill some writes a way other games have given a oppurtunity to do like this, that is to spend to an old boss very shot and drop, traces Alone same thier the lids of eye are test of ball !Five direct swipes this in spite of any deaths! Of those who Take wrong but I like an elegant landscape and a map are better that my punctuation and spelling but a good old fashion Gameplay failure, his only no very fun, Reason? It asks some TYPES And of the DAUGHTERS in EA spend out of the game that is so only good to sell, when the valley is so only very a lot enough. If it has loved them run around aimlessly shooting in brainless zombie then would have bought them bad resident, chair but MoH there is really in my mortal eyes gone and has done the complete flop and judging for the little of some another informs the esees has read the are not so only the sad people save your money and buy your mamma stirs it lovely of the flowers or calm could exit and take the value of game that touches.
5 / 5
This description goes to be short and sweet. So only I want to dip my point by means of this ossia a game of 2003 concealed dissapointed the majority of people this year, the one who the left down, the medal of honour is big for his games of army, ossia the left down and the very behind! Poor
5 / 5
It does not go near of this game. It is the example partorisca shine of a laziness of some of some developers of game there today. It is far too short, too linear and very included begin me on a map. Any one taking fooled for a screenshots in an ad of television. A condecora need of franchise of the honour to take his law has jointed.
5 / 5
Sadly No.
A map neither is that it surprises neither anything new.
A gameplay is predictable.
The sound is well.
Will finalise this in two days.
'AY' Is,... No.
Like the forward reviewer has said, hire he in the first place and save you the little crux.
The one who the sham(and).
5 / 5
nt As well as of the lovely but good men 4 one deprives,sound the good game
5 / 5
has expected partorisca this game partorisca age and was quite lucky to receive he for the xmas present, which I promptly finalised first of the dinner was still ready! A gameplay is the joke without real depth and an annoying tendancy of soldate that shot three times still to the living being is the real ache !

This was such the promising game that there is ruined for poor map and gameplay with all an endeavour that is situated in an inaugural sequence that is not too bad. In general the poor game that is not terrible but no alive until this hype.
5 / 5
After a brilliance of any last few versions could not resist buying this Sun to Trace, and to the left say he no dissapoint! A PC gameplay is slightly more sensitive that in a last a, meaning that can it you calms dipped really in some shoes of soldate; looking quickly of the the together side the GustanI for one would do in this situation. A storyline is basically pearl port with the few transfers to exit, this in spite of again has he outdone they researching histories of real war, some weponary and gameplay, etc. Is incredingly realistic, and so only a slightest the quantity of empathy is required to feel an ache, fear, the anger and the value felt for some soldate of a second world-wide war. I recomend a game to any the one who there is enjoyed some other games, and any to to those who would like me to him an incredibly amused realisation of some men those who struggled and died for his countries to the these a lot of years does.
4 / 5
Am giving this game the star because I can do not giving any one. It is rubbishes . Sooooo Rubbishes. Slow map , bad controls , bad, courts. Please does not squander your money in this offensive abuse of a xbox.
4 / 5
Sad but this game has not lived until a hipe and excitment to the equal that was to suppose to the allied assault was far better graphicaly and a lenght of missons to I has bought a game in a friday and has finalised he for an a lot disappointed evening
4 / 5
games of the player So only ploughs&x27;t a lot of entertainment. But cooperative with my mate, prpers wet. This game is hilarious. It buys it and cooperative of game. You&x27;ll knows the one who the&x27;m that pause roughly.
4 / 5
Likes condecora of line at the head of the honour, MOH: that locates the sun has a awesome first level, which is all the action , with the ships that swipe on, to plans zooming on boss. But after a map arent that well and a gameplay is uninspired. And you will find that MOH:RS isnt that look
4 / 5
This game has a enthralling storyline and to plot of utmost special effects. You trace the sun is all frontline has loved to be like this Allied Assualt has taken a gaming world for storm. This outlives his predeccesor.

Top Customer Reviews: Call of Duty: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
It is coming punctually it is the happy grandson present which more can say
4 / 5
made a mistake of having the sample of one of a new plus some first to touch is one. Bad movement.

Was probaly well when in the first place salts but is not almost like this very like this later some imo.

Does not like Me an idea to choose on sale of the health and a map are nowhere approaches like this very like this later some.
4 / 5
Ossia Quite an old game ossia really aiming his age now. It was probably that earth of pauses when you go up but is has dated really.

Top Customer Reviews: Medal of Honor: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
4 / 5
One of a better MoH games never! It receive it so only today in a estaca and oh the boy are has pleased roughly that. It looks in perfect been partorisca a prize of @@subject has paid in 73p + £ P&P. I have ordered he of zoverstocks has used, and enough equally new. Some games of game perfectly very freezing or anything. This game ameno behind all some memories of infancy. I ordered it on the Tuesday and looked the Saturday like this roughly four delivery of days but is cost a wait. Thank you Amazon and zoverstocks was where to come for Xbox original games in muck tightens economic from now on! 5/5 Stars =)
5 / 5
Ossia MOH first start of entity in a XBOX, and apparently, a lot of failures are taken to the game for real door for behind the old memories.
5 / 5
Any one the bad game. Paid too much thus this in spite of......
5 / 5
It has Bought to this recently likes the memory touches the in a PS2 when in the first place type. As I have decided to choose the on again, this time partorisca a xbox, and relive some memories.

A line of history is sum, has to very sure in that. Partorisca Be just a map is in fact quite good and a gameplay enjoyable. It is to clear what gaming there is anticipated on some years

This game has 6 levels, with each level in that has it roughly 4 sublevels. So that it touch it recognise a first level when it land in a Beach, as this is to be base in Ryan has deprived that Saves film

To all the cost, if you are any one any realistic map and gaming experience can not enjoy this so much. This in spite of, for which love relive memories or wants to experience some retro gaming entertainment, then choose this up.

A subject only with this game, is does any save points to the long of a way, like this in the level, if you are near of an end and die, has to initiates of a start again.

In general the good game, and one for retro defenders
5 / 5
has touched this in the friends pc and has loved that, and has not been disappointed when it has bought them yes for my xbox. A map is really well, with a lot of fine detail and there is the really good soundtrack in a vetoes of band of brothers to go with him.
Some arms are a lot although there it has no a lot of variac., although there is 14 different some but the supposition thats the real representation of a war, has an obvious difference among saying the rifle of sniper and the machine gun, but a general feels is of similarity the agree a joy to find a súper shotgun, then a gun of plasma then a launcher of rocket then a gun of drives in quake2.
This has said, his really adictiva. They are the FPS junkie, and this was the real fijamente. A different game the Halo, but in of the terms of qualities, no in one joins same. You take much less for your money, has 19 levels have extended on 6 missions (quake2 - 30 a lot of main levels on 3 missions), but considering has the pair that takes so only the pocolos small (one that run a period of the train, one shooting down the iron of mine), felt them bit it agrieved - half of some other levels is probably 20-30 minutes.
And my final whinge - reason oh reason oh reason do costruttrici of the game still thinks to take 95 by means of the 40 level of small, so only to die and has to that begin again of scratch, 3 or 4 times, is amused? Yup, Any autosave - the d a lot quite autosave and choose to king-do a level in the latest phase.
Still, touches them negative, easy to choose out of some failures, generally the good game, and the compraventa recommended.
4 / 5
MOH Is, the right port of a PS2, both am very different of a version of PC. The map is reasonable but any Splinter Cell. Has some utmost levels with emotion of genuine/stress. MOH Is very linear, there is so only a street to an end. Reason a German fire is like this attentive? You take same swipes when crouched for behind the concrete blockade. Frustrating? Yes. Reason? Any one saves!! So only in an end of the level/of mission. I am not a lot well in of the games (47 year crinkly). Some of some levels take me to hours of knots to complete. If takings killed then his legislation behind to a start of mission. After the while you know exactly when the things go to arrive, where the enemies go to look etc etc. Tedious. It likes me quell'has said more yield his no the bad but calm game the the once touched does not think you would annoy again in the level the difficult plus.
5 / 5
Has bought this game that thinks that it would be like this well so that it locate the sun but this game is sooo unrealistic for example have the rifle of sniper, I headshot the badguy thinks well has died annoyingly stands up !!! Some paper of look of the people, a course so only detailed of a game is some arms.
4 / 5
So only another game to walk around shooting people to add to a battery, a map is terrible that considers the one who a xbox is able of, a computer AY is useless, enemie the soldate in time look the just drop out of an air! It has Touched he for roughly two days before the tired to do a same thing on and on in of the different levels, and a multiplayer on is terrible, is a worse multiplayer has touched them in the longitude is my copy of halo?...
4 / 5
Well, has expressed like this action out of Timesplitters 2 and Halo now, while launching to to one likes of Of Agent Down Fire and Turok to a side....
And has to that admit, for those of you looking for action of player more so only to take your teeth to, well, this that could be!
Apresamientos teh Function of Lieutenant Patterson like goes through half of 19 levels to achieve his aim, so that destruction with a Nazi warmachine like possible, and grabbing information in a new jet German propelled walk of fighter. Foreseen to be able of travlleing 1,000km, in 1,000kph and spend the 1,000lb payload. For this a name '3x1000'.
A game has atmosphere in axes, and the very effective soundtrack. This in spite of, there is some figure did not like me:
Any Blood or gore!?!? Supposition to be the realistic yes, does not have any blood or anything! This in fact can be annoy when you jump in the full room of Krauts and mow his down without the stains and the crimson spray :(
Poor multiplayer: Sure, the player only is good but for multiplayer mayhem, clave with HALO and TIMESPLITTERS 2!
Graphic: Sure these are well for owners of a PS2 but players of a Xbox has a legislation to better that this... They are still passable, so only!
Also, begin a first mission like vulnerable cannon fodder running on Omaha beach Ryan private fashion. This has stock exchanges of atmosphere. This in spite of, suddenly are turned to the army of man! In my current campaign has to that to somewhere in a region of 800 calm. Well for sheer entertainment of murder but more level that comprises members of crew (Halo any one!?) It was well!
THIS In spite of, there is a bit for real brilliant levels! A prime minister little is utmost, of storming a beach and búnquer, the battles in peeled out of French cities. Another urban warfare the mission is comprised later, and is the touch of sheer class! Another mission that underlines, that gives the fantastic feeling of tarpaulin is has been has to that covertly take out of some guards in the bridge and the cross. Material adds!
Think that this well among 6 and 7, for this my indication of 3 stars. The value that buys so that has abundance of life of alone player, but without cooperative or the decent deathmatch is not anything more. If, it likes me he has touched he of you by means of the each one of Halos levels almost 10 times each like this, cooperative and so only, or Timesplitter levels roughly 3-5 times each like this and loves a little action of plus, ossia the compraventa adds for a satisfaction to return to pump well ole the full humans of advantage!
5 / 5
Has touched this game in a PC and in a Xbox. Both game in a same way and look very alike. There are different missions to touch and is not a same game in the different program.
These works of good game to the equal that are struggling real people, any alien or bugs other worlds. This realism dips averts other games in this gender. Some levels are a lot has thought was, with the logically flow to gameplay.
A game is very very good. A movement and aiming is learnt a lot of quickily, and can quicky shoot and paste a person is aiming paralización, so that you have used the keyboard and mouse.
This game is the worthy addition to anyones XBOX collection.
5 / 5
Has spent that with titles like HALO and SPLINTER CELL and TIMESPLITTERS, this can resemble 2nd election, but be warned, ossia the upper game .
Thinks the map is not updated totally, but still very real, AY is fantastic, but the sequences of death are missing of gore or speeds, so much or uses on tim and and ammo in dead doubts, but like that.
HAS the detail of level adds, the good history and map, which is missing of liberty, but this in spite of like this heads to free you and some enemies and excellent arms.
In general ossia the game that for defenders of world-wide war, entirely will satisfy and for the players the young plus will adapt, but want better then HALO or TS2, then this aint for you!
5 / 5
Like this the game is based in an experience of real life of the Lieutenant of EUA, has found a game and of the most realistic phases. Each mission that take further, and further for behind lines of enemy, has discovered punctual that could not change console of mine a level of plus before I bed down for a night.
A selection of arms is acceptable, has found this in spite of that when I have required the fast reload, a weapon has not gone quickly enough.
Before begginning the new game, would recommend that the players go to some options and transmission in a subtitles. When the Calm approximation soldered of enemy-both there discussions and insults in you garantee to take the laugh.
Can offer a last what in this fantastic game, would say to buy . Thank you.