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1 first XOLORspace X801HK 4K HDMI KVM Switch with auto and manual switching XOLORspace X801HK 4K HDMI KVM Switch with auto and manual switching XOLORspace
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2 XOLORspace 43420A HDMI 2.1 8K HDR HDMI True Matrix Switch 4x2 Supports 4k 120hz and Dolby Vision with Optical and L/R Audio Extractor and ARC XOLORspace 43420A HDMI 2.1 8K HDR HDMI True Matrix Switch 4x2 Supports 4k 120hz and Dolby Vision with Optical and L/R Audio Extractor and ARC XOLORspace
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3 best XOLORspace TW02 1080p HDMI 4x1 quad multi-viewer for gaming and monitor HDMI seamless switch XOLORspace TW02 1080p HDMI 4x1 quad multi-viewer for gaming and monitor HDMI seamless switch XOLORspace
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4 XOLORspace HDMI switch HDMI Splitter HDMI extender (Switch, ZF-NTXK-QQ5R) XOLORspace HDMI switch HDMI Splitter HDMI extender (Switch, ZF-NTXK-QQ5R) XOLORspace
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5 XOLORspace 23031 3x1 HDMI Switcher 4K 60HZ HDR with remote control, auto switch supports Sky Q, PS 4 PRO, XBox One S, 4k 60HZ 4:4:4 8 bit XOLORspace 23031 3x1 HDMI Switcher 4K 60HZ HDR with remote control, auto switch supports Sky Q, PS 4 PRO, XBox One S, 4k 60HZ 4:4:4 8 bit XOLORspace
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6 XOLORspace DU98 3X1 HDMI Switch with 5.1CH Digital Audio System 4K HDMI DTS Dol-by AC-3, LPCM Audio Decoder XOLORspace DU98 3X1 HDMI Switch with 5.1CH Digital Audio System 4K HDMI DTS Dol-by AC-3, LPCM Audio Decoder XOLORspace
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7 XOLORspace 46421S 4X2 HDMI True Matrix switcher 4K 60HZ HDR HDCP 2.2 w/EDID settings, audio extractor, ARC, downscaler output to 4K 60HZ HDR and 1080P 60HZ XOLORspace 46421S 4X2 HDMI True Matrix switcher 4K 60HZ HDR HDCP 2.2 w/EDID settings, audio extractor, ARC, downscaler output to 4K 60HZ HDR and 1080P 60HZ XOLORspace
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8 XOLORspace 23051 4K 60Hz HDR 5x1 HDMI Switcher 4k 4:4:4 18Gps/600MHZwith remote control and auto switch XOLORspace 23051 4K 60Hz HDR 5x1 HDMI Switcher 4k 4:4:4 18Gps/600MHZwith remote control and auto switch XOLORspace
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9 XOLORspace High-Speed 3m 4K 60hz HDR 26AWG HDMI 2.0 Cable [18Gbps with Audio and Ethernet] HCDP 2.2 for HDMI Switch, Splitter, Extender XOLORspace High-Speed 3m 4K 60hz HDR 26AWG HDMI 2.0 Cable [18Gbps with Audio and Ethernet] HCDP 2.2 for HDMI Switch, Splitter, Extender XOLORspace
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10 XOLORspace 23421 HDMI 2.0 4X2 HDMI Matrix switcher select any one of four HDR HDMI input to one HDR HDMI output and one HDMI output for audio only supports 4k 60hz 4:4:4 8 bit hdr/ARC audio extractor XOLORspace 23421 HDMI 2.0 4X2 HDMI Matrix switcher select any one of four HDR HDMI input to one HDR HDMI output and one HDMI output for audio only supports 4k 60hz 4:4:4 8 bit hdr/ARC audio extractor XOLORspace
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Top Customer Reviews: XOLORspace TW02 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
この手の商品だとBlackmagic MultiViewなんかがありますが、あっちはSDIなので……。


5 / 5
以前、同社の4K HDMI 9x1マルチビューア9を先に購入していました。ところがこの製品は不安定極まりなく返品をしました。代わりにこちらの4x1クアッドマルチビューアーを購入しました。
4 / 5

Top Customer Reviews: XOLORspace HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
The device adds, has any question any one running means it comunicacionales virgin v4 box, xbox one and ps4. To good sure would recommend
5 / 5
there is Rid punctual. Easily installed. Works really very inner a moment. Far in a basic side but that expect partorisca an exceptional prize.
5 / 5
Good product although it can not take a far to do except him a work

Top Customer Reviews: XOLORspace 23031 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5
Any usually write a lot of descriptions, but ossia one of these products has the sense has required the description and some clarity partorisca this thought partorisca the cost.

Has struggled with finding a legislation HDMI the transmission that spends for like this on Amazon. The majority of his claim '4k Lean' but in reality so only sustains 4K in 30hz and a lot HDR (basically a HDMI 1.4 rule). It is really misleading.

Ossia An only HDMI the transmission has found (this 3 port and a 5 port version) in timing partorisca write that in fact it sustains 4K in a plenary 60hz as well as HDR and HDCP2.2.

My chance of use is has the Samsung 4K 65-thumb HDR TV, but partorisca some odd reason so only the port so only can do HDR (or like this Samsung calls it UHD Colour).
There are both a Xbox A S and a Nvidia TV of Shield like this able of HDR and 4K so it has had the bit of the subject port.

Has bought this and a Basic Amazon HDMI2 Bosses and has connected all arrive and can confirm it all the works perfectly and now have both devices connected and doing in glorious 4K 60Hz with HDR 10-has bitten partorisca do.

Can confirm all the like this expected work, has tried Netflix, Video of Amazon in both devices and UHD Blue-Rays in a Xbox A S (the plus has been late concerned roughly because of some requirements of strong encryption) and can confirm they all does like this expected.

Has seen also any one asks in some questions in these works with a Logitech the Far harmony. I can confirm that while this produces isnt in a pre-data of the bases done (in timing to write), can be programmed in manually that takes roughly 5 minutes with one in existent far and then does perfectly. I added it to my Activities like this when a Xbox Comes on, the TV Goes the HDMI1, HDMI turns to Change on and changes the HDMI1 etc that do etc a whole process totally seamless and leaving me to neglect a far has comprised.

Quality of the build of a transmission is quite well, is metal and does not feel economic. Although I have found on mine a GONE the receiver has been pressed in the bit - although I have solved he to use the small screwdriver and quell'pulling behind was. It would have considered it goes down it a description partorisca east; but material a fact ossia such the add doing HDMI Transmission that will leave that one goes :)

On everything, fantastic product. It is quell'has bitten pricey compared to some another but a reason is simple, is an only one with a bandwidth and chipset able of this glorious HDR in 4K/60Hz.

Is looking to buy the transmission, included if any one still calm 4K Devices; seriously it would recommend this a like this at least has the long life at the head of him for in fact sustaining some levels some late plus.
5 / 5
Has used this product to leave me to connect both my PS4 and Xbox A S to the mine HDR Sony TV. It has been it bit it gutted that a television so only has 2 HDR compatible HDMI ports (2 & 3), this in spite of more than annoying that port 2 is a connection to ARCH that I use for my sound. This produces done with the ease and to good sure leaves so many consoles to show in his full capacity. A far switcher is also very good. It does not look to change automatically but this is not really too much of the breaker of extracted. In general very happy with this product.
4 / 5
This is to arrive today and I promptly has connected the to mine 4K Samsung HD Blur ray, 4K Virgin box and Xbox A S. Any question initially until I have turned of a Samsung Blue Ray and has not had any start to some other two canals.
There is @@give That one Anytime option in a Blue the ray cut out of one feeds by other 2 elements I so that there is once has turned that is gone in a Blue the ray has been doing absolutely well.
Very happy and a unit is very done but tiny, which is not the bad thing really. In general very happy and some the far works have comprised well.
5 / 5
Absolutely that has surprised HDMI Switcher, after my prime minister one has bought out of the amazon there has been the electrical subjects and a picture have maintained to flash has had to that look around and another has consecrated in the places recommended if you have not been has had to that peel was for a AVR needless to say a product feels first going in the enclosure of metal and having used it for some time now he perfectly without the subject only has found also that an automatic changing is far better that the majority other products have used as it would change constantly among sources in spite of any when the be has not used.

In general highly would recommend this element especially is looking for the HDMI Transmission for console of games with mine having the Xbox A X, Playstation 4 Pro & the Transmission of Nintendo all hooked on those careers by means of the Acer predator 1440P monitor
5 / 5
the works totally spends like this expected 4K / HDR image by means of a transmission of PS4 Pro / Xbox A X to LG TV.

Has comprised also in a Logitech given of bases of Harmony of devices to the equal that will do well without that has to that bus of a comprised far. A costruttore to select inside a software of Harmony is esmartooo' and a name of device '23031' (for one 3 port HDMI transmission)
5 / 5
after trying several products looked of Amazon and another outlets, I finally found this joins that the laws add and feels like the product of quality. Although the little more expensive that some leading products, an old saying, ' takings which pays for' really applies here. I run a Xbox A S and an Apple 4k TV by means of of the this to a LG Ultra HD 4K HDR TV and work perfectly!! A far is solid and good works. So only relieved to finally take all working!! Arrived punctually and could not be happier!!
5 / 5
Well but a lot HDR
has not done for me with my Samsung TV in Ultra the colour but the work with him was.
Bought it he so that it could have HDR on heaven Q and PS4 pro.
Control very far with my box neither but has gone Transports to change , so that it is well.
4 / 5
Finally a HDMI transmission that in fact works with 4K and UHDR. If has the need to change among Xbox A X and PS4 Pro buy this like this does perfectly the difference other transmissions another more economic which allege to do except the no. Is returned another like this simply has not done. These produced is facts very good and drawn (all the ports in backsides) changing works perfectly any with manual or a distributed far. Well packaged. Highly recommended like perfect solution to the question that is resulted increasingly more frustrating like other products have failed to resupply the solution.
4 / 5
Has bought this Switcher box because it was having question with questions of intermittent black screen with my ps4 pro & mine 4k Samsung TV, any one has had posted in an Internet that this box has cured this question for him, has purchased one of these no really expecting it to cure mine, but certainly has, any questions of screen more black, there is remarked also some TV looks faster changing program, any looks by heart so better & also a sound is better, in general the fantastic little unit, would not doubt to recommend.
5 / 5
Has bought this product to the equal that could have my Xbox and PS4 in a same hdmi port.
These produced that I can see has the massive defect. When I in the first place plugged he in has thought was faulty, a unit was on and a AV the canal has selected was so only the black screen.
There is showed and work for the bit - I does not know reason has begun to do or that.
My TV (likes the majority) changes the standby if “it is not receiving any signal” for the period of time... It looks this box says my television this have so only has taken a game in way of pause - then when I go back for the wake on, so only Black screen again without exposure of start, although I rebooted a box - I has cured this for bypassing a box to try... Line like this inferior is - no for me and look tempremental.
5 / 5
I have looked around partorisca the quality 4k transmission partorisca some months now and this option looked partorisca fulfil these criteria. They are in the first place been partorisca an election of Amazon and has has had questions as it has not aimed my Xbox partorisca some reason. I have appealed then partorisca go for a big plus-the element priced but this was the party with quality of a box of change he to a far control. Has three console of video game that coming to a HDMI and the work adds.
4 / 5
Adds little device. Has a box of android, Blue-ray & dvd the player has attached so required partorisca release on the little hdmi ports in a TV. This is to be dip up in mine Q6 Samsung TV without subjects. Easy installation. Calm sometimes has to that press some keys more than a swipe partorisca change a HDMI ports another that that, he all does well.
5 / 5
An only transmission this has done perfectly with my complex setup of HDR 4K crew and my television and the far harmony without glitches and any one dreads HDCP conflicts. It would have ordered another like this to spare was that little it has bitten more economic but highly produces recommended this in spite of.
4 / 5
Very happy. Works with my Harmony hub. So only add device like martoo 23031'. I have changed of automatic changing has changed only devices when pressing some active keys in mine far. My old 2015 Samsung 4K the television so only has a HDMI 2.0 Deep Colour/HDR the port still has had like this two HDR devices. This was a solution . Prize added that it was like this easy to dip up with my Harmony Hub. A prize was a lot of and a very fast delivery (interior 24hrs!).
5 / 5
Has used this partorisca change gone in the HD TV of SKY and Blue-player of Ray. Work perfectly using some manual transmissions, although I have cut the warm trifle and a transmission of manual consulting was when any into use, which is an extra hassle. State use now partorisca roughly three weeks. But a GONE far does not operate. I have verified very there is any battery insulation has left, and a cell is reading and some units can see each one which so another, but any joy. This in spite of, can not be annoyed partorisca return a whole element when I can so only click the key!
5 / 5
In that looked quell'around in the plot of HDMI transmissions that purportedly sustain a resolution of full start, refresh imposed and canals by heart of a PS4 Pro and Apple TV 4K this some in fact works! Both does perfectly in 4K 60Hz in 4:2:0 (and 4:2:2 partorisca a TV of Apple).

An only downside is that one transports that it changes among the entrances is temperamental. Has the far thus too much but the one who needs another far. I have loved so only tuck the backside a television and forget it is existed.

The hips need be powered so the mark sure has the spare socket.
4 / 5
Works with my Sony htx9000 bar of his that resupplies 3 additional HDMI gone in that use to connect the transmission of Nintendo, PS4 pro, Xbox a X. Full HDR and Dolby Atmos compatible. A TV I use is the Samsung q6fn 55 thumb. Any one @subjects here at all. It has tried numerous another changes as it has had drop outs but this does period. Please notes that all my crew is hdcp 2.2 compliant.
In PS4 pro has tried he with God of war that has had the subjects in another transmission is but these works without drop outs. In Xbox a X I tried with red dead remotion 2 and murderous origins of think that leave Dolby Atmos and any dropouts with HDR. Seldom I the descriptions but this produces the merit.
5 / 5
This would be the very little box if it has not been for a far control, looks like this unresponsive, has changed a battery but has to that maintain pressing key to turn on or era. Also it looks to confuse my heaven q box, turns this on in the first place then a heaven, some freezings of heaven on and has to that be turned is gone in partorisca wall like this has to that turn on first heaven to prevent this.
5 / 5
Been using this for the few weeks now and like this far like this good. Has a xbox a, xbox 360 and he philips dvd the player has connected to use this device. My leading car switcher has had subjects with a xbox a, his and drop of random picture outs together with loss of picture for both blue/games ray playback. No such subjects like this far with this little box. The quality of build looks very good and a fact has his supply of looks of power suitable for being the definite positive. I think that a thing of entity to agree is to use the good quality hdmi boss to connect a Smartooo to your TV or monitor. They are very happy with this like this far!
5 / 5
Any question with mine PS4 Pro, this in spite of eith mine XBOX A S a screen is flicking on and out of time in when for the second or 2. I have tried different bosses and have a subject same. It has tried regulating settings onthe xbox/TVs and any effect. Plugging Directly in the TV and some works of consoles perfectly well, odd that does not have any subject with a PS4 and this produced, this in spite of!
5 / 5
He no with harmony hub will change Samsung the punctual TV was will not turn on does not squander your money in east products ossia my different third hdmi splitter has bought in the amazon no with harmony hub a quality of build in this hdmi splitter is well is the shame no with harmony hub
4 / 5
55 thumb 4k the TV was so only 2 and the old half years ,now died like backlight has blown, has had to that purchase the new TV
and are not that it leaves this thing anywhere approaches to that likes to begin of sound for a cube, AVERTS !!!!
The vendor has said to send it behind and would try but I waste to spend more money in these rubbishes.
Extremely annoyed to the equal that are now out of pocket.
5 / 5
Likes everything in this gizmo averts of a sound. I spend the Heaven Q box and a TV of the fire of the Amazon has seen a LG SJ9 soundbar and receive beatiful UHD quality of picture to a LG 4k 55” TV. Very pleased like this far. This in spite of looks it EPL the football broadcast with Dolby Atmos the audio does not take a correct audio. Any volume Atmos. Bypassing A transmission and connecting directly to a soundbar give me Atmos. So much, has to ask me if ossia the dud claim king Atmos sound or is something more amiss?
5 / 5
Fantastic bit of boxes! Mark sure uses a correct HDMI bosses for him to do properly!
4 / 5
Any all a HDMI the connections in my TV are HDMI 2.0, as I have decided spent one of these. It has tried other devices that demand to be able to do a work and can any one, am very happy to be able to say a SMARTOOO 23031 has lived until all my expectations. He simply done a work!
5 / 5
Excellent global product that reads well, but any have @@give spend it so only by means of 8 has bitten HDR, any 10 or 12. That class of ruins a point of HDR. 256 gradient By heart is far go down that 1024.

He this in spite of all more, but seat more the people will be to love a that calm fully steps by means of his HDR signal for this a 3 description of star.
5 / 5
The product adds. I possess the Samsung 4K TV but so only has 1x 4K hdmi entrance like this this leave covers he in mine Xbox a X, PS4 pro and heaven Q 4K. Transmissions automatically too
4 / 5
Fantastic transmission
Coupled with amazon « ibra » HDMI 2.0 bosses and the iscan mini DVDO scaler with a start he nows upscale all without loss (BOX of television, PS4, COMPUTER)
5 / 5
A lot amiably done (all the metal), and able to go through half of 4K 60Hz HDR without subjects a lot. The mine is used for the PS4 Pro and Xbox A X and also is able the transmission of car among them. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
In brief, This has ordered my question was ten fold ! I enabled me to have 4k 60hz, hdcp 2.2, hdr of mine xbox a s and ps4 pro, has not believed this in fact would do included when I have read some descriptions but he does. Subject absolute!
5 / 5
Solid product, quality of work and good build, and my last 2 HDMI the transmissions have not done properly, like this very happy with east,
4 / 5
has other transmissions there in the third of a prize, a be of the question does not operate . This manages anything can launch in him and with the handy far also.
5 / 5
So only has taken a unit today and am impressed; the quality of build looks good and is the ordered little unit. Very especially he that I require it to the how is goes through half of 4K 60hz and with hdr, as I am really happy with him. Well A far does not look partorisca do except calm so only the go to lose in all the chance. Partorisca A prize looks excellent.
5 / 5
Use partorisca 1 day. Exited of a box with Sky Q 10bit colour and a PS4 Pro full 4k. Any question with quality of picture or dropouts and for once, some far works of by means of a room. A lot happy like this far, but the time will say. Petit, compact and comes with this adapter of own power . It will maintain this up to date description, if any one questions arise.
5 / 5
To the equal that has this partorisca the pair of month and works perfectly in the ps4 pro with full 4K hdr. Has another any one 4 k devices in some other ports and all utmost . Really highly recommended. Hard just hope now. It does not forget calm need the hdmi 2.0 boss in a start of a switcher.
5 / 5
The product adds but sometimes does not choose on that has turned my Xbox on and no swtitvh automatically or manually so much has to that unplug a hdmi out of Xbox and discharges he behind in. No the question massively this in spite of like this still the good compraventa.
5 / 5
Laws )). Taken a pro and xbox x in current with this a lot of fact to no the plastic has done one a lot happy with him.
4 / 5
Directly out of a box has on connected done with Sky Q, Apple 4K television and PS4 Pro. Excellent still has the far a lot of value of the extra money in “the most economic” transmissions that no correctly.
4 / 5
Has required something concealed could send some 4K (60hz 3840 for 2160) without compromising qualities to an only 1 rest 4K HDR HDMI the port has left in mine Sony Bravio (like my ARCH HDMI is into use partorisca my soundbar). I am using Heaven of Amazon and paralizaciones east 4K TV of fire.. Brilliant of sound and signal of confidence. First solution of class - partorisca me in all the chance.
4 / 5
Required this partorisca leave me partorisca use the player of DVD and Sky Q box with a TV. Simple to dip spent on just and game. He exactly that is to suppose to and he a lot well. You will require partorisca maintain a power has changed on at all times partorisca leave your Heaven Q box partorisca do his at night updates.
5 / 5
Excellent quality. Works perfectly partorisca 4K and HDR. I have connected PS4 pro and Xbox one has seen one same HDMI connection and works to the equal that has described.
4 / 5
Looks partorisca do a lot a lot using it partorisca connect UHD Blue-player of ray and Apple 4k box of TV to a hdmi gone in in television and quality of picture the looks perfect mine.
5 / 5
My smartooo 3 in 1 was 4k hdmi the transmission has been rid a lot quickly, and was exactly like this fiancé, ready and effective in operation without questions
anything. Thank you
4 / 5
Fantastic bit of the boxes yes want a bit hdr 4K and so only have 1 hdmi concealed sustains it
4 / 5
the transmission Adds, works of transmission of the car and lasses by means of full 4K signals of PS4 Pro and Xbox A S
4 / 5
As well as the transmission but is not the car that change with Sky Q how is a main reason has bought how is in a loft.

Top Customer Reviews: XOLORspace 46421S ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
I will begin it it was partorisca describe my setup and because it has chosen this transmission

Is exited
Sony 4K HDR TV
Goode 1080p projector

Gone in
Sky HD
Sony 4k HDR Blueray
Xbox A
Amazon 4K TV of Fire

Sony surrounds his (old and with 1080 HDMI the only support)

wants to have all my devices of entrance have connected with support of full resolution and to be able to have them exited to a television or to a projector.

Some same time loves an audio to having exited by means of my surround the sound for any one I am looking to be the a television or projector.

My projector so only sustains 1080 to the equal that have has wanted to something concealed downscale a signal in just 1 start. Ossia Main difference in a 43421 model that to beat exited so many starts in 4k or both starts in 1080 but any one 1 in the each resolution.

Has achieved this to the equal that follows.

All the entrances have connected to change
exited to Change One to television HDMI 3 (support of ARC)
exited to Change B to Projector
the Optical audio to change to surround his
HDMI of television HDMI 2 (any ARC) to surround his (ossia so only to leave a Bravia sync characteristic like one surrounds volume of his can be controlled with a far TV).

This setup leave me to use a transmission to choose audio to start with One or B to go directly to one surrounds the sound or I can actuate ARCH to take an audio of a TV (built in Youtube / Netflix with key of the far control consecrated) was to one surrounds sound.

All of a work of devices in his full resolution that comprises a 4k HDR blueray player and a TV of Fire.

Has had the question with my television to shoot automatically outputing Dolby the besides Digital audio like my surround his wont support but has changed grieves the Dolby Digital has done so only perfectly and is at all to do with a transmission.

I really likes that I do not owe that change and bosses to change around to choose now to choose that to look and that for the look on like this now have a perfect setup.

A far control is basic but has all precise with a capacity to change both starts to a source of your election and calm can choose that source of audio that comprises ARC want to.

Are a lot happy with my setup now thanks to of the east change which is a lot of value of the money.

Has found this useful description, please paste a key 'useful' to the equal that does to write his value while
5 / 5
The have hooked until a LG UHD television that sustains all and an old but trusty HD131X 1080P Optima projector. Heaven has connected and Xbox A S his and he in fact down stairs a B Door to 1080P. To take it to do properly, like Xbox would recognise a television properly, dipped some transmissions of diving the 'Copy HDMI Out of One'. It has not tried a start of Optical Audio still but are for hook on a TV of Apple 4K as it no longer has an Optical start. Thank you Apple

A do one does any HDR the CONVERSION of rowing sports club, neither the expect, like this film in 4K HDR can look the bit has washed is gone in an old 1080 P projector. This in spite of utilisations the decent player that he in software then a question is solved. In a Xbox One has tried Plex, Kodi and player of half comunicacionales of the Microsoft that has to that it download for a way. Kodi Has given probably a by heart better mapping but player of Half comunicacionales of the Microsoft has not been to bad neither Plex the bit iffy. Using a plex server in a backend with UPNP there is enabled. Any transcoding has required. With a TV of Apple probably will use Infuse but still to try.

Hope Ossia useful to another.
4 / 5
After several tests, here is finally Joins matrix that gives support he 4K, he HDR, and the 60Hz, the all of the sud two incursions.
I ideal Games his films 4K24 or 4K60 that is to touch to the sud joins Mibox or joins Shield.
I genial games joins PS4 place to a video projecteur 4K.
Lucida Way downgrade 4K ->HD has beaten activer or no of the sud joins two incursions, practical when it joins it television FullHD so only.
Joins the audio of leaves of Optical incursion to connect the matrix in one manacles cinema.
Alone shadow to the picture, The télécommande done a bit economic.
5 / 5
A start of image of some looks of device quite mine, has included that it use the source of 4K2K 60hz HDR YUV.
Unfortunately was unable to discover where and that HD the audio of a source is missing, partorisca has had any 7.1 digital start available using this device, unless sacrfiying 4K exited of image.
Regarding the far control one the majority of crucial one i.et. Determining in edid communiction type (copy/of car/std) is unavailable, so only can be does manually.
5 / 5
Does all the one who Quotes : 4k it 60p and fig, seen he price exaggerated of the others analogous products and gives to take suffered
5 / 5
Exactly that has looked for !
A lot so only can announce join to the sud of source two OUT OF simultaneously (LCD and video projecteur) but included can send 2 different sources of the sud two OUT OF and all announce at the same time!
Lucidos I edges is dispatché to the sud the two sources if it does not spend in optical pair an expand.
Does not have need That of the image joined in 1080 games to locate higher can no me pronounce.
Coming Of the Installer will see the reliability in him temp but presents well, very finition, any one economic excepts perhaps the télécommande.
4 / 5
Has given Matrix beherrscht tatsächlich gives Kopierschutz hdcp 2.2. Somit ist sie uneingeschränkt 4K bzw UHD fähig.
4 / 5









4 / 5
I use machine translation.

Thinks that 4K compatible matrix transmission and downscaler the crew is economic in this prize.

Good point

Black and inconspicuous organism

4K exited according to a TV has connected, downscalable of 4K to 2K

An organism is done of metal and has dissipation of excellent heat. And thin organism.

Convenient far control, all the operation of the key of a main organism is also possible with a far control.

Power adapter with retaining

points for and improvement of Disappointing points

want to you partorisca instrument feet of hule

has DIRECTED dimming function

wants to determine if the signal is gone in using LEDs

Even if a power is turned was, a power has DIRECTED is aceso still, as I love it to disappear














Top Customer Reviews: XOLORspace 23421 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
4 / 5
He exactly that says that it does and he perfectly. Saved weaves it to me of money as I do not love transmission out of my expensive 5.1 system.

There is hooked on a Xbox a x, PS4 pro, transmission of Nintendo and nivida shield all doing like this expected that.
A hdmi (his) was the 5.1 system and also optical and another hdmi (image) to a TV.

A nvidia the shield was a reason partorisca buy this so that the sound of street of only starts hdmi.
A upside has been has taken partorisca take touched of of all some optical bosses.

An option of car laws orders that it changes any hdmi is has used.

Full climbing 4K hdr and Dolby works of vision also.

A for real adds hdmi matrix in an amazing prize.
5 / 5
Has looked for the transmission partorisca leave an audio and the signal of video that sustain given so much to the equal that was possible so that it has not lost any characteristics. This looked the tick all some boxes and the wine in the prize adds. A subject was that a randomly cut sound has been been due to subjects of handshake. I have tried the substitution but no good. In an end has bought the HDFury Master and has not looked never behind... fantasic Has produced! Sad but can not recommend this.
4 / 5
A law of transmission adds. The hooked on the Xbox A X, Playstation Pro, Apple TV and Transmission of Nintendo his and connected it mine 4K projector and in parallel with a second HDMI to the soundbar.
Everythings Flawless.
5 / 5
Has purchased recently he 4k UHD Blue player of Ray without thinking that my receiver has not been 4K compatible. This produces a work perfectly has 2 starts with one there is poured in audio so only. Now I can have my UHD the player has connected to the HDMI port in mine 4K television and use an audio has consecrated was to connect to my receiver. Works perfectly. Highly recommended has an older receiver and he 4K blue player of ray
4 / 5
gave so much 4K picture to mine projector and audio DD 5.1 to a receiver directly out of a box.
4 / 5
A device adds, this in spite of when being HDMI 2.0 spec this in spite of not sustaining CEC means is not really fully HDMI 2.0 compliant. If this device there has been CEC sustain like this demanded for a HDMI 2.0 specification then would have maintained this device, how is absolutely beautiful and entirely functional, the real shame has not comprised CEC, the engineers owe that have state sleeping when they have drawn this like the HDMI 2.0 device... CEC Is a lot of entity in a modern connected HDMI world!
5 / 5
Warum? Nun ja, Is gibt sicherlich einige Leute, die Probleme has dipped dem HDMI-Together ihres Onkyo AV-Auricular haben. Meiner ist ca. 4 Jahre alt und Die Nutzung mehrerer Eingänge ist für 4K schon seit einiger Zeit nicht mehr möglich (permanent Bildaussetzer und Bildfehler). Ich Cube sogar gives Meinung gives given Probleme nach reichlich 2 Jahren erstmals aufgetreten sind. Ein Schelm, gives Böses dabei denkt. HDR-fähig The war gives Auricular sowieso noch nicht und like this spielte ich die letzten Monate permanent place dem Gedanken mir einen neuen AVR zuzulegen.

Nach langer Recherge wäre Is wieder ein Onkyo geworden, gives dieser als einziger to the Anforderungen erfüllt. Aber nochmal sowas? Auch wenn Gives sicher nicht sehr im Konsumtrend liegt, mache ich mir doch öfter Gedanken über quotes Einflüsse auf unsere Umwelt. Daher habe ich damit auch ein großes Question, wenn ich geplant kurzlebigen Elektronikschrott gives 'verantwortungsbewusten Hersteller' nach likes kurzer Zeit entsorge und durch neuen ersetze.

Nun soll Is yesterday aber nicht a Data Bewertung eines Onkyo AVR, sondern one gives XOLORspace HDMI Transmission gehen.
Nach Tries dipped mehreren anderen Geräten hatte ich gives Vorhaben zoom Umgehen gives HDMI-Steuerung gives AVR eigentlich schon aufgegeben. Entweder gar kein Bild, Bildaussetzer oder kpl. ohne Funktion. One Gives Tonne in bester Qualität give AVR zu bekommen, habe ich auch einen HDFury AVR Auskoppler versucht (ein teurer Spaß) und natürlich ohne Erfolg.

Und jetzt dieser HDMI Transmission. It gives Beschreibung konnte ich erst gar nicht recht glauben:
- 18 Gbps
- HDR fähig
- Audio Durchschleifung auf einen separaten HDMI-Ausgang
Gives kann nicht funktionieren...

Doch, alles funktioniert einwandfrei.
A dem Transmission hängen jetzt ein 4K Satellitenreceiver, ein Panasonic UHD-BD-Player und eine PS4 Pro.
Gives Television schaltet automatisch auf 4K HDR. It gives AVR erhält ein HDMI-Signal of audio bis Dolby Atmos.
Quotes Eingänge werden automatisch geschalten (immer letztes oder aktives Eingangssignal). Und dazu sieht Gives Transmission noch richtig gut aus. Eben Bad nicht give übliche langweilige schwarz. Eigentlich sollte er auf dem Schrank stehen bleiben. It gives of the automatische Umschalten aber Likes gut funktioniert, ist er doch wieder im Schrank verschwunden (schade eigentlich). Wenn ich mir überlege, Has been given Alternativen gekostet hätten und alles nicht konnten, ist dieser Transmission eigentlich schon fast zu preiswert.

Ich Total of cube begeistert! Jetzt fliegt Gives AVR erst raus, wenn kein Tonne mehr kommt!
5 / 5
has modified this description to warn another that these produced does not look to be fully compatible with HDCP the contained has protected. All has done well until I have looked for to use an official Netflix application in of the Windows 10. Content of the video is not blocked, but the audio is substituted with white noise when that uses this application, as I think that that ossia the @subject to protect of the content.
Has tried using a Netflix application with audio in HDMI as well as audio in a SPDIF Optical was and both produce a lot jarring white noise and block an original audio.
This is not to treat he-breaker on its own name to the equal that can so only covers my headphones/of speaker to a computer in place of a XOLORSpace (likes it has said, works of good video), but want to exited to your speaker that use the digital connection of this device any LAW with contenting protected like Netflix.

I still recommend a product, but so only be conscious no fully to the equal that has announced.

Original description:
Good element. Works exactly to the equal that has described. I am using an optical start to leave the audio was to the mine hifi without requiring to turn in mine projector. It has looked for something like this for the moment. Works to act transport it to change well. I any one need never to manually gone in of transmission. Quality of solid build like this far (has used so only he for the week but 24/7 and there is any skipped has beaten he).
4 / 5
Configuration very successful, so only have account that these products require boss in all his apresamientos of the but big quality, independently of the profile of the peripheral connect it, if any one is like this, the behaviour and result of the product any one corresponds with his efficiency.
4 / 5
Probrado With beginning The 4k with HDR and different configurations of depths by heart and all corrected, leave me maintain my elite of pioneers of the receptor with hdmi 1.4 and a reproductor 4k sinned questions, in the sound takes all that the receptor admits (dts-hd, dd-more, TrueHD, ...)
4 / 5
With The arrival of the 4K the norm HDMI 2 is compulsory result. Alas Yes like me have an expand Quotes it a bit this hard does not direct surely any one this norm. This last time has looked for Joins I games of solution can use consolation of month 4K with lucidos edges in HDMI and except the cost of a new expand, was €300, has not found at all.
And there have fallen Pair casualidad to the sud this boitier and the revolution The taken place. This boitier is genial. Has dip Sources of Month 4K in entrance, the video of incursion to the sud my television and the edges of incursion HDMI to the sud mine expand. He boitier RAISIN of way and there is finally joins image and some edges to the cup. Profit again of the Dolby True HD and of the DTS HD film of month of the sud and lucidos the edges give the games is much deeper that with the incursion SP-Dif of the console.
As has an expand that does not direct HDMI 2 and that does not want to change him this device is the perfect adapter .
5 / 5
Bought it to take of one My Box S Video the projector 4k hdr and for another audio the av (any hdr). One do one and another no. The image goes to the boss of 1h and takes some seconds in going back. Another time when lighting does not issue signal, is a lottery. Any one would recommend it.
5 / 5
Leider fällt bei Gives PS4 Pro jetzt öfter Gives Bild aus, egal ob auf Door 1 oder Kabel ist 7,5 m lang. Benötige aber einen The transmission has dipped 4 Put you inkl. 4k/ 60 Frames + Am exited Optical, gives gibt is nicht sehr viel Alternativen...
4 / 5
The Incursion HDMI of my cinema of house was défectueuse , besides this no longer was compatible with his new norms give current TVs (HDR has included 4K 60HZ).
On the other hand has wanted to have lucidos edges in my helmet of listens without games so much court lucido the edges give elevated-parleurs (are not the so only to look his TV of emissions) that does not leave to marry them cinema and/or his amplificateurs common.
He XOLORspace 23421contributes the solution to all these questions.
His entrances HDMI receive lucida Signal of the télédistribution, of the chromecast and of the the recorder video. The Incursion HDMI is dipped to the sud the television and he 2.ºt Incursion HDMI (edges so only) to the sud marries cinema. Lucido Helmet to listen is dipped to the sud the corresponding Incursion of the device (S/Pdif in my chance - but the crack of classical incursion gives an identical result). All the Games of work so much that it do not forget of désactiver the Arch to work To the sud this device. It remarks : it Touches an optimum result (of the sud lucido helmet), leaves lucida signal to the sud his entrances HDMI to his maximum
5 / 5
Reasons has a processeur audio a lot of-4K use this product touches all the sources of months. With An alone boss HDMI in lucido the television and one Touches processeur so only touches the audio. The Action is practically perfect excepts sometimes give small interruptions with audio. Any question with Signals The 4K HDR and 1080p. This Leaves a lot well with my telecommande Harmony. Harmony has said is A mixeur audio but at any rate is recognised. A small harm is any and The step of the games of possibilities to turn his lampes. And perhaps black is A More preferable election games lucidos frame.
But further of these products of Critical read leave like this in the description.
4 / 5
Does a lot Well.
His flow HDMI is a lot spent in passthrough of the sud the Incursion 1. The Incursion 2 receives join audio of extraction of this same flow.
Has declared with giving flow PCM, Dolby, DTS, Dolby TrueHD & DTS HDMA. I do not have Him the material games has declared him Dolby Atmos or he DTS-X. Utilisation he with television has joined 4K HDR HDCP2.2 and with One expand that is not all east.
5 / 5
Solves He connections hdmi gives to conclude generation The one who more vecchiotte! Quell'Audio vén envoy there is sintoamplificatori in digital
5 / 5
A lot well. Finally I can There is Him HDR to the sud my new television lúcete Edges atmos mine of the sud expand at the same time !! It is an a lot of very extracteur of the games of audio touches to see mixer one expand any 4K and the television that is 4K but limited to the simple dolby...
Besides, this xolorspace is recognised to 100 pair the hub Harmony...

Recommends animadamente !
5 / 5
Sud lucido The paper is perfect but practise it is inutilisable. I have declared ( it touches the sending of the audio in bypass of the sud one expand yamaha RX-V3800 any UHD) sud full of devices with a lot of bosses differents, always some edges that cut regularly... A note that he no that with him transformateur resupplied, has declared with a transfo the tall row has filtered touches to see : more than edges. Incomprehensible, goes to finalise to the alacena, would have of the sack him immediatement after his permiers tests.
4 / 5
Raso Touch everything does well .
At all Of coupure of Edges to the equal that describes pair another user .
Servants The connected....
PS4 - Nvidia Shield - sweep - edges Samsung - vidéoprojecteur the all in 4k .
4 / 5
Has fill his function : it can profiter at the same time of the video has joined 4K HDR of the sud the compatible TV and of the edges HD with an expand that does not accept HDMI 2.0. Expecting that to the period of life was optimum, but touches the instant is perfect, expand it receive very he DD+ and DTS HDMA.
Has in spite of everything Gives coupures of Edges with him Dolby HD that gives lucida film inregardable. Of the sud the other Formed is WELL.
5 / 5
Are has confrontado partorisca give coupures of Images (for the half all his 5min) that last 2/3 seconds.
Nvidia Shield ->HDMI (TV Samsung) + SPDIF (Playbar).
5 / 5
This Splitter is Unable to spend give signals 4k 60hz likes Amazon of of television of the clave 4k 60hz, has gone back of pair of continuazione against the following device Feintech VSW04202 that operates him to him same leave súper a lot of
5 / 5
full a lot these works , no of worries , his flow is very transported
5 / 5
has bought this specifically reason my LG SK9Y freaks was when my PS4 Pro HDR gone back on, as I have required partorisca go around a soundbar without losing a start of audio of HDMI. This fact partorisca roughly, 45 minutes. Has a TV of Apple 4K, Xbox A X, and PS4 Pro plugged to a transmission. HDMI ARC goes to a TV, and HDMI the audio goes to a soundbar. While that looks a TV of Apple, a colour freaks was and tip all has lived, and a background noise of games of the audio of a scene more than a full row of audio. It has not been that this still is spending, but will listen partorisca laugh and applause, but any dialogue. Some settings there is enabled is ONLY audio 'Raisin', and a HDMI gone in of the video has selected. There is remarked that unplug an audio HDMI boss, a fixed colour but of course does not have sound. This does not go partorisca do for me specifically reason want to use all some characteristics my offer of devices, but this transmission can not decide want to him sustain all neither.
4 / 5
An only product that reads for my question. The hook on 4 devices (PS4 Pro, Xbox A S, Apple TV 4K and Xfinity Box) to the matrix east switcher and start to a HDCP2.2 port in mine Samsung 4K HDR TV, and another port (the only audio) that careers my SONY AV auricular (formed of audio of the supports Dolby +), and start of Optical audio to the mine LG fence of the his (formed of audio of the supports Dolby DTS ). It has taken 4K 60HZ HDR in my TV, and when I have touched the video that sustains Dolby +, took it on my AV auricular. And ossia an only transmission that there is not founding never to sustain Dolby Vision. Compraventa Good!
5 / 5
In the first place to the left explain me reason has required this transmission, has the good quality 5.1 surrounds receiver of his that is 1080P goes through half of, Last year has bought them my prime minister 4K TV. In order for me to take 4K could not run my HDMI boss by means of a receiver to the equal that have run HDMI bosses directly of my box of boss and 4K Blue-player of ray to the mine television and HDMI the audio was to a receiver to surround the sound and all was a lot. This year I have decided to go with the 4K projector that not having HDMI the audio was.
This transmission was third mine tentativa to take some 4k video to the mine projector and HDMI audio to my receiver without any question. My premiers two tentativas to fulfil this has failed 1. Reason one first transmission has alleged 4k but any HDR has failed like this. 2 A second transmission is spent HDR (not even sure was some HDR reason my projector does not have to that change to HDR when it would touch a HDR film) and has not spent ultra 4K UHD. Also when the hooked on my receiver to a second HDMI outlet has dipped all has retreated to1080p like this the has not gone included taking HDR in this point. It results it that has not been HDCP 2.2 compliant.
To the equal that Can announce 4K if it is not HDCP 2.2?
In my tentativa final first of is them exited and is spent 800-1000 dollars in the 4k auricular, has tried a xolorspace 23421 and is perfect. Now the take ultra 4k UHD, my projector now changes to HDR when that sees HDR the films and my receiver is hooked up for audio with a HDMI boss. It is súper easy to use and saved the tonne of money. Highly it recommends that these produced has some needs of same audio for your theatre like this has done them.
5 / 5
The product does like this feigned, and finally my legacy 5.1 system of his works. They are outputting of the computer and transmission of Nintendo. I have tried so much a HDMI was and an optical out of a splitter and both law.

An annoying part so only is if my audio amp was was, and dipped that the HDMI in a transmission, when it turns a system of the his on, my monitor of computer flashes and the turns were partorisca the short time. It looks a transmission is reconfiguring that informs to my desktop computer. This unfortunately sometimes no properly in that cause me partorisca have to that reboot a transmission before he audio partorisca begin to a receiver.

Ideally This transmission would owe that be configured so that when dipped to HDMI way, will inform to a computer the one who a LAST/MORE RECENT EID die ur read of a receiver, although a receiver is was, as when it is turned on, any one the reconfiguration of exposure is required. Ideally so only it would owe that register a EID, and then grieve relieves a HDMI device, compares that the that exists EID and yes is changed (like installing the new AV auricular or system of the his to a HDMI the car was) THEN changes that it is informed to a computer and he reconfigures.

A device that alleges, as they are by train partorisca the esteem 5 stars, but because of this HDMI subject, found that more convenient that use an optical was to my receiver of then does not require the refresh yes turns my system of the his out of/on while using a computer.

Later yes take the receiver that lean Atmos (which so only would be able to do by means of HDMI audio and no optical) would have to that dipped up with this light jankiness, so he could have the firmware update to direct this subject, this produces honradamente would be the 6 device of star. It is like this near to perfect.
4 / 5
A work. Taking fooled for electronic attached with the current insurance that flows by means of HDMI boss (ie NVIDIA Shield). The solution was to situate this device in an end of a canal '4' but still has to that occasionally toe a source for manually pressing a key of poster of the front. I am using this with the far Harmony, 4 sources and a inline processor in an of a outs.
5 / 5
These devices seldom that says that they will do or included the one who calm require it to do. So only 10 descriptions but was all very has taken like this the casualidad . This a this in spite of does like this announced and does exactly that it loved it to do. At the beginning it has not taken his of anything has there was plugged his. I have bought the TCL 75' television that they are to add but a lot almost quite HDMI ports. I am using arch HDMI of a television to a bar of his and have a HDMI out of this device plugged to HDMI 1 in a TV. It has had to that unplug all turn all was that it comprises a television and this device plugged he all behind in powered the all arrive and now all the work directly out of a box. Cleaned Well setup any boss that goes during a place now. I produce it adds!!!!
5 / 5
Has found that paste a SPDIF the key two times usually eschuta' a sound as it is not an end of a world, so only annoying. It does not spend all a time, so only perhaps once or two times for day and usually while I am looking the youtube video or some another obtrusive moment.
5 / 5
Has tried Xbox A S, Bluray with my Samsung Q6FN on is exited One and SONY amp. On it is exited B (any-HDCP 2.2) and has dipped audio EDID RAISIN “”. It has taken 4K 60HZ HDR in a television and Dolby mater in DTS Master in a amp. It is better that ‘Dolby D EX' by means of optical of television. A matrix is with aiming very good and green colour that me comfortable.
4 / 5
My TV were 3 years old and does not sustain Dolby audio of Atoms, while my receiver is able of. I have been considering that it changes my television but a same time are by train to concern me on some waste of electronic to some means. Thanks to this XOLORspace switcher this solves both worries. The TV is plugging to start with One and the receiver is connected to start with B. Now they are having 4K 60HZ HDR in mine television and Dolby Atmos in my receiver. So only the friendly tips to remark you that it would be it necessary dipped audio to “SPEND” to take Dolby audio, etc.
5 / 5
I really like this Transmission. My Yamaha auricular any 4k passthrough but really likes to of me, as has has not wanted to it substitute still. I have found this Transmission and he have had the second HDMI out of just for audio as I still can have uncompressed audio. A quality of build is also quite excellent. Perfecto for my needs.
4 / 5
Has an older receiver that is not 4k has solved a question of 4k TV and a lot that has to that buy the new a lot of dollars.....
4 / 5
After trying 3 different units of monoprice this unit sends 4K the TV without the question. The audio goes to receiver 7.1 sound. I have had to that use PMC in XBOX one and S
4 / 5
A power of transmission is gone in plugging in a hdmi but a cord to be able to has not been plugged. Connected all that follows a diagram to the mine projector and has not done.